If youre not bad enough, dont make friends with such people.

 If youre not bad enough, dont make friends with such people.

That day, I got a shower and took a hot bath with satisfaction.

A fierce old grandmother in our local area suddenly came over and said, lets go, I want to take a bath.

The bathroom is public, and there is no name written on the shower head. I swallowed the sentence by what in my mouth, and quietly let it go.

But it was winter, and I stood on one side, covered in water, and soon shivered with cold.

Fortunately, under the shower next to me was an aunt with a good temper. I ran over with my arms in my arms: aunt, Im so cold.

Unexpectedly, the usually kind-hearted aunt gave me a look of disgust and didnt give me a shower to warm up.

It took me many years to understand this little thing: how annoying that weak child was!

You see, I learned to judge the situation when I was young. I gave the good to the bad, but I went to the good and pretended to be pitiful.

Zhang Mazi asked sister Hua, you were bought by Huang sirang?

Zhang Mazi: did he hit you?

Sister Hua: yes.

Zhang Mazi: have I ever beaten you?

Sister Hua: No.

Zhang Mazi: do you hate him?

Flower sister: hate.

Zhang Mazi: hate me?

Zhang Mazi: then you dont point a gun at him. You point a gun at me?

Flower sister: because you are a good person!

It turns out that the more weak people are, the more they know how to bully others.

But a good man deserves a gun?


Weak people like to sacrifice themselves to please others, so the closer they are to weak people, the more they suffer.

The children said that they couldnt eat anything delicious from childhood.

Because as long as there is a little rare food at home, cousins must be kept in the highest cabinet, and children must not touch it.

In the same way, no matter what conflicts or grievances between their own children and others, their cousins always scold their children at the first time.

She thinks that she lives in the most humble way. She has to be humble everywhere, along with her children.

My cousin is so kind to her children, and so is her daily life.

Her character is cowardly and she is often bullied. Fortunately, her friend, a Jiu, cant see others wronged. She often leads for her cousin and even offends some people for this.

Later, when ah Jeou ran for office, everyone thought her cousin would vote for her.

As a result, cousins key vote was not for a Jiu, but for the one who often bullied her.

Many people, including a Jiu, dont understand.

The ghost logic of screwing Ba completely hurt ah Jius heart, and the two gradually alienated.


I used to have two colleagues with very different personalities.

One is called Xiaowan. He has a straight temperament. He is born without any loss. He has to fight for everything.

The other is Xiaohui. She has the opposite temperament and is always submissive. It seems that everything can be discussed.

At the beginning, I liked Xiaohui who was yes and good all day, and I couldnt help but defend her.

Once we worked overtime to make a plan, but the partners were inexplicably angry. They called us to scold us for being insincere, but they fooled people when they collected the money.

Seeing that I was scolded by others, Xiaohui continued to comfort: Party A is not like this? If you give money, take yourself as God. Dont worry about them.

Xiaowan cant bear it. She supports me to call back.

Finally a phone call, both sides on the content of the program quarreled for most of the day found: the program took the wrong.

Xiaohui gave the first draft to Party A by mistake.

In fact, she had found this mistake for a long time, but because she was afraid of being scolded, she did not dare to speak up, and she did not have the courage to correct it.

Especially when there is a mistake in the work, we always try our best to avoid the problem and hope to muddle through the situation.

Perhaps the weak are born ostriches. They only bury their heads in the sand when they encounter problems, but leave their buttocks to others.


A disciple of Confucius was angry outside and came back to ask his master:

Confucius asked, how can we repay virtue for resentment?

Yes, you give the good to the bad and what to the good? This problem is worth rethinking.

I know a man who likes to eat and do nothing. His family is so poor that he jingles. Later, I dont know how to talk about a girlfriend and finally get married.

But he didnt even have the money to get married, so he had to borrow it everywhere.

His friends are afraid to lend him the money. There was only one who helped him generously.

When the wedding day came, the man was very happy. He invited all the people to have a drink, and specially invited the theatrical troupe to play big.

Lend money to his friend to see a little heartache, good intentions advised him: why spend these unjust money, keep to do some small business is not good?

The man turned against him on the spot, drove him out of the wedding, and said: is not to borrow you a few stinky money?

Then he went back to the banquet and continued toasting to his friends who had not lent him money at the beginning, smiling with humility.

So many weak people, to meet the bad people with a smile, must face the good people with bad words, in order to achieve the inner balance.