Know no gu tingye and Sheng Changbai: two men with special three views in the play

 Know no gu tingye and Sheng Changbai: two men with special three views in the play

LIULANG of Liang family, a playboy, likes to flirt with others. After living with Mulan, he married her. After that, concubines kept taking care of each other, never settling down to live. He is very similar to the second generation of the rich in modern society. He has no ability but to squander. Any woman who marries him can only endure hardship.

Gu tingye is a good man who protects minglan I well. He is responsible, capable and knows how to hurt people. He never hesitates about what he wants to do. On the surface, he looks uninhibited, but in fact, he is loyal and single-minded. There are not many such men in real life, but as long as the women who can really enter his heart, they will be happy for life.

Some of these men like Qiheng, some like Gu tingye, but in the face of countless lovers CP, I especially like Gu tingye and Sheng Changbai, the brothers CP.

So today, lets talk about these two good men.

Three positive men must understand that the relationship between husband and wife is the anchor of the family. They must also understand that the marriage happiness index will be higher only when the interests of their wives are well protected.

Therefore, Gu tingye and Sheng Changbai, the two good brothers, deal with the contradiction between their mother-in-law and daughter-in-law in their own way.

Gu tingye knows that his stepmother, Qins, will make trouble for minglan. He specially explains everyones character to minglan in advance to make her ready.

In addition, he also arranged to separate Ming Lans residence before entering the mansion, and tried not to let Ming LAN face those filthy things.

Later, when minglan was pregnant, he was afraid that minglan would not be able to cope with it, and he took his nanny Chang Ma to help minglan. In a word, he tried everything to resolve the conflict between his mother and daughter-in-law and protect minglan.

Compared with Gu tingyes strength, Sheng Changbais method is softer and smarter.

Heidegger just married to Shengs family. In order to set rules for Heidegger, her mother-in-law Wang ruofe asked her not only to have children, but also to listen to the training sooner or later, to serve her mother-in-law and her husband.

In this way, three words and two words will resolve the mothers difficulties and guarantee the wifes position in the family in the future. We have to say that Sheng Changbais wisdom and emotional intelligence can be seen.

A mans attitude towards you determines your position in his wifes family. To be able to marry a husband who thinks for himself at all times and protects himself in his wifes family is the greatest sense of security in marriage for a woman.

Especially in such a large family, its not easy to do so. For this reason, Gu tingye and Sheng Changbai are the most worthy men to marry in the whole play.

Self motivated, capable and unambiguous in career

A man is very important to you, but only to you is not enough. He must have the responsibility, the ability and the ability to give you a life, so that your days will be thriving.

When he married Sheng Changbai, he was only a small official, but he was rich in learning and brilliant. He stood out from the top two in the palace examination for the first time.

Such a man, even without the support and help of Haijia, will certainly be able to live up to expectations in the future, and his ability and conduct will also make him a smooth sailing on his way to official post.

As for Gu tingye, he is good at both arts and martial arts. Although he was not selected in the scientific examination because of his improper comments, the examiners all admitted his talent.

Later, with his own ability, he worked out the future one by one. Such a man would never be fooled by his familys money, which is the future that women can rely on.

In ancient times, it was very easy for officials and families to be defeated. Because they were born with gold spoon, they were easy to be lazy and arrogant. Therefore, men like Sheng Changbai and Gu tingye are precious.

Being a man and doing things with a clear mind is a stream among men

Later, he found out that man Niang was unbearable. He pulled out decisively and no longer had anything to do with her. After I was with minglan, I also refused to take concubines. I just wanted to have a couple with minglan all my life.

Gu tingye, a man with a romantic appearance but a single mind, was also a stream among men at that time.

And his good friend Sheng Changbai is even more aboveboard, never helping others.

In the end, he committed to justice and exterminated the relatives, and sent his mother back to his hometown temple to repent for ten years.

When Gu tingye is framed and driven out by his family, Changbai runs to find him in the street for the first time. When everyone ignores Gu tingye, Changbai secretly delivers things to him, chats with him, and helps him arrange for his sister-in-law.

Later, after Gu tingye was falsely accused of being in prison by the villain, Changbai, a good friend and uncle, stood up. Although he was under house arrest by his father and applied family laws, he believed that he was right. This kind of good man is really moving.

Marriage depends on whether he has his own principles and limitations. Men like Gu tingye and Sheng Changbai are trustworthy and trustworthy.

Yes, marriage is to live a real life. What you want to marry is not the mans family and wealth, but his quality and ability.

If he has domestic violence, splits and other problems, you must not think about trying again, because some problems can not be tolerated.

But if he is just superficial but good in heart, and hope you can see the essence through the surface, dont miss the best happiness that should belong to you.

Smart woman, know how to choose the right man, hope you also have such luck and wisdom, have your best happiness.