In the face of betrayal, what you let go is pain, what you let go is worry

 In the face of betrayal, what you let go is pain, what you let go is worry

However, in the face of those repeated, sustained and resolute betrayal, there are always so many people who cant let go and cant bear to -- this is not a kind of obsession.

If a person has chosen to hurt you continuously, he doesnt care about you at all. What is worth remembering and what is worth fantasizing about is a kind of self love. In fact, all your pains and troubles are due to this relationship and this person. As long as you have the courage to leave, you must have happiness.

Why cant you let it go?

Many people dont think deeply and continue to ask this question.

What you give up is actually pain; what you give up is actually worry.

For a long time, the other party has no longer given you anything, no matter its feelings, or dependence, or all kinds of help in real life, including benefits, maybe, the other party has not even had a basic illness, even a greeting Such a person, what are reluctant to put down.

What you put down is actually just a person who hurts himself, but what he loses may be the most sincere person to him in his life. How many people cant understand such a account in his life!

Then, exhausted oneself, with the happiness and time of the rest of his life, accompanied to the person who hurt himself.

When it comes to giving up, someone always says, I have no way..

Its not that there is no way, its that I dont think those ways are ways; its not that there is no way, but that I always hope for others and never know how to rely on myself.

There are always people who say, do you want to divorce? then, there are a lot of reasons why you cant divorce

First of all, in the face of people who continue to betray, in the face of people who dont care about themselves, ending marriage is the best choice. Im probably one of those people who dare to talk about divorce after betrayal, but in reality, many people always think that divorce is a kind of evil

A lot of people say that divorce has a bad reputation, which is probably self consolation. Is it a good reputation if the other party betrays itself openly and resolutely refuses to divorce? In fact, people look down upon those who do not divorce in any way, so-called mourning their misfortunes and anger.

Of course, from an objective point of view, divorce does have too many problems and difficulties. Its not easy to say that divorce can be separated. However, the real obstacles cant be excuses and barriers to escape their responsibilities.

Secondly, the two concepts of giving up and divorce. Divorce, of course, must be separated, but letting go and giving up does not mean divorce. It means that in this relationship, you have to let go of your dependence on each other and all your fantasies about this relationship.

So, can you rely on yourself, have the courage and ability to take responsibility for yourself?

This is the root of the problem. This is the watershed that determines whether those who have been betrayed can finally come out.

That is, people always choose the truth that they are willing to accept and convince themselves.