Two cases of disqualification of childrens rice flour were reported involving Wuxi Peizhi and Fangguang food

 Two cases of disqualification of childrens rice flour were reported involving Wuxi Peizhi and Fangguang food

Through investigation, Tongjian biology purchased 360 cans of rice flour, a total of 153 kg; 171 cans have been sold, 189 cans in stock; 111 cans of products involved in the recall, 189 cans off the shelf. Guangzhou Baiyun District Market Supervision Bureau has sealed up the recalled products according to law, and filed a case investigation on Tongjian biology.

According to the data, there is also a Shantou Peizhi Food Co., Ltd. (Shantou Peizhi for short) under the name of Wu Shengwu, the actual controller of Wuxi Peizhi. Founded in 2009, Shantou Peizhi is an industrial enterprise integrating R & D, production, technical consultation and product OEM of infant food. The actual controllers of the two companies are the same, but there is no direct equity relationship.

On March 18 this year, a batch of organic nutritious rice flour for infants and young children produced by Wuxi Peizhi was reported by Shanghai Municipal Market Supervision Bureau due to the excessive sodium content. Tianyan inspection shows that on December 16, 2019 and December 27, 2019, Wuxi Peizhi was fined 70000 yuan and 150000 yuan respectively by Meicun branch of Wuxi Supervision Bureau of Wuxi National High tech Industrial Development Zone (Xinwu District, Wuxi City) for selling unqualified food.

A reporter from Beijing News contacted Shantou Peizhi on May 19. After the reporter identified himself, the staff still refused to answer relevant questions on the grounds of fraudulent phone calls. No one answered the call from Wuxi Peizhi.

Fang Guang: improper storage in stores leads to excessive moisture content of products

The report also shows that the water content project of organic pure nutritional rice flour (180g / box, April 23, 2019), organic calcium iron zinc + egg yolk nutritional rice flour (180g / box, May 10, 2019), organic walnut black sesame nutritional rice flour (180g / box, April 24, 2019) sold by dashilotao womens and childrens articles store in Panyu District of Guangzhou and produced by Yangzhou Fangguang Food Co., Ltd. is unqualified.

According to the investigation, Dashi letao womens and childrens supplies store purchased 30 boxes of the above-mentioned organic calcium, iron, zinc and egg yolk nutritional rice powder, 25 boxes for sale and 5 boxes for non sale; 24 boxes of organic walnut, black sesame nutritional rice powder, 20 boxes for sale and 4 boxes for non sale; 24 boxes of organic pure nutritional rice powder, 21 boxes for sale and 3 boxes for non sale.

The market supervision bureau of Panyu District of Guangzhou city has seized 12 boxes of the above-mentioned products in stock according to law and filed a case for investigation. Dashilotao womens and childrens articles store has taken the initiative to recall unqualified food.

On May 19, a reporter from Beijing News learned from the official customer service of Fangguang food that the water content of the products involved exceeded the standard due to improper store storage in the store under the rainstorm weather. The problem is limited to this store. Later, the company will send other products of the same batch for inspection, all of which are qualified.