The greatest evil of man is to consume the goodness of others

 The greatest evil of man is to consume the goodness of others

Rare things are precious, good things should be measured.

If you give too much, kindness will become cheap, and over time others will no longer take you seriously.

Kindness is not wrong, but to the wrong person is a big mistake.


In return, we can only repay the enemy with kindness

However, being kind and giving in all the time, sometimes what you get is not necessarily gratitude. Its probably the other partys progress.

No bottom line of goodness, sometimes only to feed people without conscience, and finally become the enemy devouring us.

The case of nanny arson has always been a source of anger and anxiety. Originally a happy family, the wife is beautiful and generous, the husband is handsome and considerate, the three children are lively and lovely, the life of the family is superior, and the nanny and her family are also taken care of.

However, the nanny conceals her gambling and past theft, falsely claiming that she borrowed 100000 yuan from the hostess to buy the house. Not only that, she also stole the valuable property in the masters house to pawn.

When the first theft was found, the good family not only didnt call the police, but also made up for her and kept her. The host even said to the nanny, tell me if you are short of money..

But the kindness of the family not only didnt make the nanny feel ashamed and regretful, but even made it worse to steal a famous watch worth 300000 yuan. Although the host couldnt bear it, he didnt call the police because of his pity and just dismissed her.

Kindness is very precious, but if kindness does not grow teeth, it is weakness.

Peoples hearts are complex. No matter among family members, friends or colleagues, no one will cherish their kindness to others without bottom line. Even sometimes you force the pasts goodness into a cage, resulting in resentment.

Too good people are often the worst bullied people.

Warm hearted, to the same kind-hearted people, do not wait until the cold heart, only to find that pay the wrong heart.


Dont leave kindness to the ungrateful

Emerson said, your goodness must be sharp, or it will be zero.

In ancient times, there was a deer. It was covered with nine kinds of bright hair colors. It was called nine color deer.

This day, Jiuse deer is walking by the river.

All of a sudden, a man was carrying a piece of wood down the river, shouting, help, help!

Despite his own safety, Jiuse deer rescued the man from the river. After being rescued, they kowtowed to Jiuse deer frequently and thanked him.

Jiuse deer said, Ive got your mind. As long as you dont disclose my residence to anyone, its a gratitude report.

The king then ordered that a heavy reward should be given to the deer hunters. The rescued man saw the emperors list and went to the palace to report. The king was very happy and mobilized his army to capture the deer. Soon the kings army surrounded the deer.

It was I who saved this man when he was drowning in the river, and he vowed not to expose my place of residence. Who knows that he is capricious and capricious, your majesty, you should come to kill innocent people with the same dirty soul, dont you disgrace your reputation?

At this time, the person rescued by Jiuse deer was shameless, covered with rotten sores, with pus blood flowing out of his mouth, smelling bad, and suffered retribution. The king also ordered that all people should not catch the deer.

Some people have problems with their character. You are kind to them and cant change their character. Even they will pull you into the water for their own benefit. When you meet such a person, please put away your kindness.

To be a man, we should adhere to the principle of being close to gentlemen, being far away from villains, selectively communicate with people, and be a wise and kind person.

There is nothing wrong with kindness. Please give your kindness to the right person.


Your goodness should be measured

In this world, the most unpredictable is the human heart, and the most insatiable is the human heart.

In your side, not everyone knows how to repay. Some people, even if you pay more kindness and treat him better, still feel that you owe him.

For such a person, blindly forbearing is to connive others to do evil.

Therefore, when we are good to others, we have to have three measures:

Scale 1: dont lower your self-esteem in order to cater to others while doing good;

Scale 3: refuse to blindly ask.

In our whole life, we are not afraid of suffering, not afraid of suffering, not afraid to dig out our hearts and lungs, but in exchange for other peoples unrighteousness.

Kindness is not foolishness, kindness is not foolishness. For the rest of our lives, let our kindness bring some edge. Never give kindness to the wrong person.