Qing Pingle ended successfully to show the wind of the Song Dynasty and the beauty of traditional culture

 Qing Pingle ended successfully to show the wind of the Song Dynasty and the beauty of traditional culture

During the broadcast, all the data of qingpingle are excellent. In the first week of the broadcast, the audience rating broke two in a row. With the deepening of the plot, the audience rating led the way, ranking first in csm59 city for many times. Up to now, qingpingles cumulative network playback volume has exceeded 4 billion, and the video website has scored on the site Nine point three And it has long been the number one hit of TV series. In addition, qingpingle was broadcast simultaneously on overseas platforms to attract the attention of overseas audiences. In the near future, it is also planned to log in to Japan and South Korea to meet with local audiences.

Not only the ratings are outstanding, but also the attention and discussion of the play on the Internet platform continue to rise. High energy drama and production standards are raising heated discussions. The main topic of the TV play is Ping Ping Le, which has a reading volume of tens of billions. In addition, Qingping music has strong output related topics, and is continuously listed in the top of the book, Top1, the hottest tiktok, and the Tsden platform. The high popularity of the series is driving the topic degree of the artists. Wang Kai, Jiang Shuying and other actors are recognized by the audience for their wonderful performance in the play and reap many favorable comments.

The climax of the end of the story is the power circle of the characters

In last nights finale, song Renzong (played by Wang Kai) was haunted by his struggle between governing the country and licking the calf. In the face of impeachment, Sima Guang (Chu Junchen) wants to break his head and voice, and song Renzongs affection for Hui Rou (Ren Min) becomes more and more firm, arguing calmly one by one. Huirou quietly went to the palace and cried. Song Renzong was heartbroken. He talked about HUAIJIs ups and downs. He said frankly that he didnt want to sacrifice his innocent life for haiyanheqing. All the officials were convinced. A gripping court dispute finally came to an end. At the same time, there is a final reconciliation between song Renzong and empress Cao (Jiang Shuying). Emperor Renzong of song called empress Cao to have a sudden heart attack when she was talking at night. Empress Cao was very sad when she looked at the portraits drawn by them. Seeing their long and affectionate look at each other, Emperor Renzong of song died in empress Caos arms. Many of the audience were stabbed in tears.

From the angle of view different from the previous imperial dramas, Qing Pingle not only depicts the career line of song Renzongs young peoples ascending to the throne and gradually taking charge of the government, but also shows song Renzongs emotional choice behind the clandestine disputes between the court and the court. Looking back on the fate of song Renzongs whole life, it is thought-provoking to realize his ideal of governing the world with benevolence. At the same time, the drama vividly depicts the famous officials of the previous dynasty, the relatives of the harem and other figures around Song Renzong, which also impresses the audience. With precise performance and abundant emotion, the actors have vividly restored a series of complex and unique roles, not only passing on the joys and sorrows of the characters, but also bringing the audience a hearty performance reward, which makes people directly enjoy themselves.

Aesthetic style makes Song Dynasty hot and art pregnant in wutuwuxiang

In addition to the image style of the powerful group, the minimalist aesthetic style also makes the drama an immersive expression of perspective of the Northern Song Dynasty panoramic society. As small as a table and a chair, as large as a court tile shop, the layout of the scenes in the play is based on the traditional aesthetics, which makes the elegant style of the Song Dynasty overflowing in the aura and between the delicacy. In this picturesque scene, the literati and the literati came to the stage in succession. In addition to presenting the image of the scholar bureaucrats of Renzong Dynasty in the Northern Song Dynasty who take the world as their own duty, the extremely refined atmosphere shaping reveals the style and character of the scholar bureaucrats quietly, and sets off the upsurge of the audiences exploration of the famous scholar bureaucrats in the Northern Song Dynasty. Professor Yu Yunguo, a historian of the Song Dynasty, praised the play as well done in grasping the historical background of the whole Renzong Dynasty; while Beijing Daily also pointed out in its evaluation of the play: some ancient dialogues better fit the human features of the Northern Song Dynasty. Looking back and looking back on an era, the audience has a unique aesthetic experience, and after a thousand years, the Song Dynasty culture once again brought into the public vision. As the article of Wenhui said: all kinds of characters shoulder the dual mission of cultural bearing and story telling. Such works are visual arts with the charm of Chinese aesthetics, so that they can live up to the Chinese culture in our hometown.

There is music in Qingping, with lingering sound. Qing Pingle slowly collected the long volume of Song Dynasty, but the beauty of Chinese traditional culture is endless.