Price of helmets skyrocketed in Nantong: serious disruption of market order will be transferred to public security

 Price of helmets skyrocketed in Nantong: serious disruption of market order will be transferred to public security

1u3001 Strictly abide by the price laws, regulations and policies such as the price law of the peoples Republic of China, the provisions on commodity and service pricing in a pragmatic manner, and the provisions on the prohibition of price fraud, conscientiously strengthen the self-discipline management of prices, consciously enhance the sense of social responsibility, and maintain a good market price order.

2u3001 When selling goods and providing services, they shall consciously mark prices clearly according to law. The contents of the price list shall be true, clear and eye-catching. No price addition or bundling shall be allowed. No unmarked fees shall be charged. No goods, services or other unreasonable conditions shall be tied up against the wishes of consumers.

3u3001 They shall not collude with each other, manipulate the market price, limit the quantity of production and sales, divide the market and damage the legitimate rights and interests of other business operators or consumers.

4u3001 It is not allowed to fabricate or spread the price increase information, disturb the market price order, and promote the commodity price to rise too fast or too high.

6u3001 It is not allowed to use false or misleading price means (such as fictitious original price, false discount, failure to fulfill price commitment, etc.) to trick consumers or other business operators into trading with them.

7u3001 There shall be no other acts of unfair price prohibited by laws and administrative regulations.

Market supervision departments at all levels will strengthen the supervision of helmet prices, timely accept complaints and reports from the masses, and investigate and deal with all kinds of price violations in accordance with the law. If it is verified that there are such illegal acts as hoarding and curiosities, fabricating and disseminating price information, bid up prices, colluding in price increases, price fraud, etc., it will be punished according to law; if it seriously disturbs the market order and constitutes a crime, it will be transferred to the public security organ for criminal responsibility according to law.

Nantong market supervision and Administration Bureau

May 19, 2020