Two boys catch lobster at night, but a young woman comes to the river

 Two boys catch lobster at night, but a young woman comes to the river

Looking at it, I look like a person

Two people who cant swim immediately call for help

Several villagers came in a hurry

At the same time, the police

After hearing the call for help, a male villager came in a hurry with a long pole, and a villager came with a flashlight. In the night, it is difficult to see the situation on the river with the light of a flashlight. Several people stared at the river, trying to see whether it was a real person or a human shaped object floating.

After looking at it for several times, we analyzed that the floating object looked very light and floated with the water wave. They concluded that it should not be a human, but a life size inflatable doll.

Thinking of a false alarm, Mao immediately called 120 rescue center and 110 Alarm Center, explaining the situation on the spot and their ideas.

However, Daxi police station attached great importance to the police situation. In order to investigate the situation clearly, the investigators of the video center continued to carry out video verification. At the same time, the police team led by Chen Jinhui also continued to rush to the scene.

Police and people work together to rescue

This phone call made Xiao Maos heart tighten. At that time, the investigators of the video center directed the on-site personnel to rescue as soon as possible. After Xiaomao hung up the phone, he hurried to call back the villagers who had just left.

Knowing the need for rescue, the villagers with long poles and flashlights came back. One person lights up the river with a flashlight, one person is close to the Bank of the river, and uses a long pole to move the floating man on the river to the bank, until the distance becomes nearsighted and the line becomes clear, then it is confirmed that he is really a person, a long haired woman wearing a floral skirt.

At this time, a mobile phone ring came from the riverside, and Xiao Mao went for the sound. Because the mobile phone says Honey husband , I think it may be the drowning mans phone, and ask him to come quickly. Xiaomao said.

At about 8:34 that night, Chen Jinhui led the auxiliary police to the scene. The woman was rescued and lying on the bank, but she was pale and unconscious. Police immediately evacuate the crowd and maintain the order of the scene.

At that time, the womans boyfriend Xiaoxing (pseudonym) also arrived at the scene, and the police guided her to assist in cardiopulmonary resuscitation. A few minutes later, the woman suddenly coughed a few times, gradually recovered a little consciousness, but did not wake up. Subsequently, the woman was taken to an ambulance and sent to a nearby hospital for treatment.

According to the investigation, the drowning woman is Xiaoluo (pseudonym), a native of Guizhou Province. She is 19 years old and works in a factory in Daxi. Xiao Luo met her boyfriend at a friends party and later developed into a lover.

Why does Xiao Luo fall into the water? The handling police said that since half a year ago, Xiao Luo and her boyfriend had quarreled. On the day of the incident, because of another quarrel, Xiao Xing broke up and said something hurtful in a hurry, so Xiao Luo had the idea of suicide.

Its understood that at about 8:12 that night, Xiaoxing was afraid that his angry words would hurt Xiaoluos heart. He couldnt rest assured. He called Xiaoluo, but Xiaoluo didnt speak. There was only one listen to me at the beginning. Later, Xiaoxing heard the sound of falling into the water. He thought it was strange. He didnt know the situation at the other end of the phone. After a while, he heard someone calling for help, so he hung up the phone and dialed back again, which made Xiaomao receive the call.

After the event, after timely treatment, Xiao Luos body was no longer in serious trouble, but his mood was still unstable. Knowing that Xiao Luo is awake, Chen Jinhui contacts Dr. Su, a psychologist in the hospital, to tell Xiao Luos situation in detail. That night, Dr. Su, accompanied by Chen Jinhui, went to the ward to conduct psychological counseling for Xiao Luo.

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