The chaos in Hong Kong has openly assassinated and used lethal weapons Violent demonstrations in Hong Kong slide into the abyss of terrorism

 The chaos in Hong Kong has openly assassinated and used lethal weapons Violent demonstrations in Hong Kong slide into the abyss of terrorism

At about 1:00 p.m. on November 11, 2019, Mr. Li, a Hong Kong citizen, saw rioters destroying public property on his way to work. He came forward to argue with these people and was surrounded and reviled.

At this time, a hooded mob in black suddenly rushed out from behind the crowd, spilled a bottle of flammable liquid on him and ignited. Mr. Li was immediately surrounded by the fire.

Mr. Lis wife who was burned: my husband usually works as a digger, with a monthly income of more than 20000. He usually goes home very hard, and has never thought of such a thing.

At noon on November 13, activists set up barricades near the great hall and Longyun road in the North Shangshui District, blocking the roads with bricks. When Hong Kong citizens spontaneously clean up their bricks, they have a dispute with activists. Luo Changqing, a 70 year old cleaner, was hit by a brick thrown by a mob and was seriously injured.

Chen Tianzhu, senior criminal police officer, North New Territories: he is taking a rest in the afternoon. He has not quarreled with anyone or cleaned up the road. He just went there. Our video shows that he went there to try to take a picture, and then was deliberately knocked down with a brick, and later died.

Terrorism: the use of illegal means of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, for the realization of political claims.

This is the Oxford dictionary definition of terrorism. Hong Kongs violent activities are sliding into the abyss of terrorism.

As early as July 20, 2019, when police raided a factory in Tsuen Wan District, they found more than one kilogram of TATP.

TATP explosive has strong killing power and high instability. 1g, can burst fingers. 2 to 3 grams, it can break hands and feet. A kilogram can easily crush a car or a house.

In 2019, Hong Kong Police accumulated the largest number of TATP explosives ever recovered.

In mid November 2019, a number of Hong Kong universities were occupied by thugs, among which Hong Kong Polytechnic University was the most.

At the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, gangsters use electric saws to cut through metal facilities such as table legs and railings, and transform them into roadblocks. They kept practicing with bows and arrows, pouring flammable substances such as gasoline into bottles and making incendiary bombs overnight.

On November 17, 2019, a police officer was shot through his calf by a bow and arrow, and another officer was hit by a steel ball on the bridge of his nose.

Rioters set fire to a footbridge on Hung Hom Cheong Road near Polytechnic University and set off an explosion. Later, they burned an armored police car with incendiary bombs. In an effort to calm the situation, police began to use tear gas to disperse the demonstrators, in response to more and more devastating attacks: bows and arrows, steel balls and petrol bombs.

On November 29, 2019, data released by the police showed that 3989 petrol bombs were found in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, together with 4000 previously found in the Chinese University of Hong Kong and more than 10000 petrol bombs were found in other universities. Police also found 1339 explosives, 601 corrosive liquids and 573 weapons at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The quantity of dangerous goods is astonishing, just like a huge arsenal.

Mob occupying Hong Kong Polytechnic University: I want to leave here safely without any charges.

On December 8, 2019, Hong Kong police seized guns and weapons for the first time since the storm.

Li Guihua, senior police officer, organized crime and triad investigation division, criminal and security department, Hong Kong Police Force: we (the police) have found a 9mm semi-automatic pistol, which has been certified by ordnance experts as having excellent firing ability. During this period, we also found five magazines, three of which were full of bullets, and 105 bullets were found in them, all of which were of good performance.

From blocking roads with iron horses, attacking police with umbrellas, starting to use hard objects and laser guns, to large-scale use of gasoline bombs and incendiary bombs

When such deadly weapons as steel balls, bows and arrows, explosives and even guns appear on the streets of Hong Kong, the practice storm in 2019 has already exceeded the scope of so-called peaceful demonstration, and the violence has broken through the bottom line acceptable to the society.

Hong Kong citizens: the current level of violence is unacceptable to many people.

Hong Kong citizen: I was born in Hong Kong and have lived for decades. I have never seen such a chaotic scene.

Hong Kong people: I hope that from now on, our Hong Kong police will deal with these thugs by more tough means. Otherwise, Hong Kong will have no future.

On January 1, 2020, at the beginning of the new year, this happened in front of the head office of HSBC in Hong Kong:

These two copper lions are the prototypes of lion heads on Hong Kong dollar. They have been guarding the door of HSBC for nearly 85 years, bearing the memories of generations of Hong Kong people.

The last time the bronze lion was destroyed was in 1941 when Hong Kong was occupied by Japan. Decades later, when time faded away from the pain of the war, the bronze lion was damaged again. This time, it was not the invaders from other countries who hurt it, but the Hong Kong thugs.

The clear sky is shrouded in gloom, and Hong Kong, a prosperous city, has been hit hard.

In the face of such a disordered Hong Kong, a Hong Kong that ignores the law and falls into a riot, people cant help thinking: what is the reason for the Pearl of the east to be involved in such a turmoil and sinking?