Theres no HUAIJI filter! Bian Cheng apologizes to Ren Min

 Theres no HUAIJI filter! Bian Cheng apologizes to Ren Min

On May 19, Netease Entertainment reported that on May 19, Cheng Bian, the actor of HUAIJI in the hit drama qingpingle, apologized to Ren Min, the actor of huirou. He responded to the lack of proper speech in the live broadcast: today, for the first time, I was living with Kuankuan Kuan. I was a little excited and nervous. I didnt speak properly. Im sorry to Kuan Kuan here. Thank you for your supervision and let me see my own Mistakes and shortcomings, I will be more disciplined in the future.

Prior to this, Bian Cheng made fun of Ren Mins foot odor, not good-looking and stature in the live broadcast. He also told some embarrassing language when he asked questions from Ren Min for many times, and did not give face to him when Ren Min helped him find a supplement. Netizens have said that Bian Cheng is too impolite, take it, its low EQ, or no IQ, Gee, theres no waiji filter, young age is not the shield of EQ.

Later, Ren Min also sent a message in response to the incident that he was connected with the live broadcast on the same frame as Bian Cheng: it was embarrassing when it was live, but now its a little overwhelmed. Give time and you will grow up. Fans also left messages at the bottom to comfort Ren Min: youre very good, dont care about those, hug, Minmin, youre really good-looking!

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Li Si_ NBJ11322