Chinas non-governmental forces help global anti epidemic Cooperation (see the truth in adversity and common anti epidemic sentiment)

 Chinas non-governmental forces help global anti epidemic Cooperation (see the truth in adversity and common anti epidemic sentiment)

In the international cooperation of anti epidemic, the clear footprints left by Chinese folk forces at various time nodes make the emotional ties between the people of all countries stronger.

In a hurry, all kinds of materials should be sent to the places where they are most needed

In March, under the guidance of the joint Ministry of China, the China Association for the promotion of international exchange, Chinas largest association of international exchange oriented social organizations, launched the joint action of Silk Road and one family to fight against the epidemic (hereinafter referred to as joint action), calling on non-governmental forces to provide help to countries in need and get a positive response. At present, under the framework of joint action, Chinas non-governmental forces have carried out various forms of anti epidemic cooperation with more than 50 countries, such as material donation, experience sharing, volunteer dispatch, etc., with foreign aid amounting to one point seven three Billion yuan.

On March 11, with the support of the China Council for the promotion of development and the Red Cross Foundation of China, Beijing Guanghua design and Development Foundation jointly launched the green ribbon action with 157 social organizations and units, providing material assistance according to the needs received.

On the morning of March 15, the nucleic acid test kit donated by Shenzhen mammoth foundation and Huada Gene Technology Co., Ltd. (Huada gene) to Serbia arrived in Dusseldorf, Germany. The local staff of BGI scrambled to pick up and repack the goods, and the materials were delivered to the Consul General of Serbia in Dusseldorf in the evening of that day, which was then transported to Belgrade by special plane.

On April 7, metechstg of Brescia, Italy, sent an email to ask for help: the local bedizurie nursing home is in urgent need of protective materials. The International Cooperation Department of green ribbon action immediately took action, formulated the material donation plan, contacted the material donor and found the logistics channel. Metechstg company communicated with the nursing home and provided the corresponding documents. Half a month later, the nursing home sent photos to confirm that it had received protective materials. So far, 295 international volunteers have joined in the green belt initiative and donated 3 million yuan of anti epidemic materials to 18 countries including Italy, Iran, Sri Lanka, Russia, Argentina, France, South Africa, Mexico and UN Habitat.

Compared with the developed countries in Europe and America, most of the developing countries are densely populated and the burden of public health system is heavier. Protecting the developing countries and vulnerable groups is very important for the global war epidemic.

On March 24, Nepal began to implement the home isolation mode. Four days later, on the main street of misirabihari, the second province in southern Nepal, a bright colored iron bucket with Chinese flag was added every 100 meters. This is the sanitation and anti epidemic hand washing station donated by China Poverty Alleviation foundation and Tibet charity foundation for the local area. When residents pass by, they can turn on the tap on the iron bucket and squeeze some disinfectant hand sanitizer to wash their hands for free. Doctors at local township hospitals showed people how to wash their hands. There are 180 such hand washing stations in Nepal. These buckets and hand sanitizers can help poor and vulnerable people clean their hands and stop the spread of the virus, said Anita Kumari SA, the citys deputy mayor

In Ethiopia, Nepal and Myanmar, the China foundation for poverty alleviation has allocated 7 million yuan. During the epidemic period, food bags will be distributed free of charge to poor children every month. It is expected that by July this year, it will benefit the local people One point five At the border of Lebanon and Syria, the office of Beijing Pinglan public welfare foundation in Lebanon distributed anti epidemic love bag to the people in the refugee camp, including food and Disinfectants, soap and other sanitary products

Every bit of kindness is like pearls strung into a shining chain of love.

They have a loud name -- Chinese folk volunteers

Under the high temperature of 40 u2103, the team members are wearing sealed protective clothing, full closed protective mask and 16KG equipment, and they work continuously for 8-12 hours every day. At their busiest, they go to seven places a day. At the moment of taking off the protective clothing, the team members were sweating, and a bowl of water could be poured out of their shoes. In 15 days, they went to Phnom Penh, Sihanouk and other 10 provinces and cities, covering a journey of more than 1400 kilometers. They completed killing operations in more than 50 public places, including hospitals, schools, markets, government offices, barracks, communities, hotels and stations, covering a total area of about 1.59 million square meters. They also carried out anti epidemic skills training for Cambodian medical staff, police and community workers, and provided anti epidemic skills training for Cambodian medical staff, police and community workers Return to work, return to school and return to the city.

Every place, the blue sky rescue team will blow blue tornado in the local area. Local people offered Cambodian textile water cloth to express their thanks. All the way down, the colorful water cloth in the rescue teams car piled up like a hill. One of Cambodian staff in charge of docking was moved by their dauntless work spirit, and they purchased fresh fruits at their own expense every day and sent them to the blue sky rescue team. Many people left a message on the local Chinese network media: I dont know until I meet with difficulties, what is a distant relative better than a close neighbor

The blue sky rescue teams support and help to Cambodia fully embodies the brotherhood of Cambodia and China in keeping watch and helping each other and sharing weal and woe, hailed Gary Vichy, Secretary of state of the cabinet General Office of the Cambodian government and chairman of the civil society organizations alliance forum Cambodia also plans to set up a Cambodian version of blue sky rescue team to improve Cambodias response capacity to sudden disasters.

Together with the green mountains, they bear the wind and rain. Hand in hand, bring warmth and strength.

Cloud end exchanges, organize a network of epidemic prevention and control

So far, the World Federation of acupuncture and Moxibustion Societies has held 9 international online consultations and achieved good results. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is being treated in some hospitals in Turkey, Mehmet Zafer Kalezi, director of the Department of traditional and complementary medicine of the Ministry of health of the Turkey. Laos also wrote novel coronavirus pneumonia in its second edition. China peace development foundation also donated 860 people to Laos Qingfei Paidu soup.

The cooperation network of one belt, one road and another, was launched in 2017 by Chairman Xi Jinping in the first summit of one belt and one road international cooperation. At present, there are more than 300 Chinese and foreign NGO members. Its online exchange and sharing meeting on epidemic prevention and control organized by non-governmental organizations has covered more than 200 organizations in eight countries including Lebanon, Nepal, Cambodia, Kenya, Myanmar, etc.

Will novel coronavirus pneumonia spread through mother to child? Does infant rehabilitation novel coronavirus pneumonia affect its growth and development? How should newborn vaccines be vaccinated during an epidemic? African people actively asked Chinese experts questions at the sharing meeting of civil society organizations online exchange of epidemic prevention and control in South Africa on May 10.

On this special day of mothers day, China has organized an exchange of knowledge on prevention of epidemics among women and children, which reflects the concern and care for women and children. It is touching. Thank you very much! MEG matuba, general secretary of the womens Federation of the African National Congress, who participated in the South Africa station sharing meeting, said excitedly that through this pragmatic and flexible online communication, she learned many secrets of Chinas anti epidemic campaign.

The road is boundless, the love is boundless. With practical actions, Chinas non-governmental forces show the world the Chinese concept and spirit in the international cooperation against epidemic, transmit the warmth and strength of humanitarianism, and compose the era chapter of building a community with a shared future for mankind.