The paper man, the inflatable doll and the never empty mestallia

 The paper man, the inflatable doll and the never empty mestallia

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He will always be there

ie-hard fan

This rich land is located in the southeast of Spain, facing the sea and backed by the plain. It has been the great granary of Spain since ancient times. In the Valencia plain, there are many artificial canals for irrigation. One of the canals originated from the Turia river is called mestalia.

The mestallia canal runs through the south end of the stadium, which is why Valencia moved from the old aquiros stadium to the new stadium in 1923, which was called mestallia stadium.

Vicente, born in the 1930s, caught up with the good times. When he just grew up to be a little boy, Valencia ushered in the first glorious period in the history of the club.

In 1941, the team won the first national championship - the Spanish Kings cup. In 1941-42, Valencia won the league championship, which made Vicente fall in love with the local club.

My father was a huge fan of Valencia, and he even boasted that he had fallen into the mestallia canal.

At the end of World War II, the world finally returned to peace. Spain, which remained neutral in the war, was not affected much, and Valencia also grew into a famous European club during this period.

With the continuous replacement of the old and the new, Valencia has always maintained a strong competitiveness. At the international city Expo cup in the 1950s and 1960s, Valencia also proved its strength to the European powers.

At that time, Vicente was married and had children. He decided to take his son with him to watch the ball.

When my father took me to the 1967 Kings Cup final, I was only nine years old.

The game was held in Madrid. The father and son walked all the way from their house to the stadium. I cant remember how many hours it took to get to the stadium, but Vicente and his son will never forget that they won the game.

go blind

In 1985, the 54 year old Vicente ushered in the lowest point of life.

He lost his sight because of the detachment of his retina. Its hard for Vicente to see his beloved Valencia again. During the period when he was just blind, he could not walk normally, nor could he follow the team to the West.

For this reason, he can only sit at home and listen to Valencia on TV and radio with his ears. It can be said that such a day for a loyal fan, too cruel, but, blindness did not reduce his enthusiasm for Valencia.

In the 1990s, Valencia gradually lost its past glory.

Although Valencia is Spains first team to win the European Super Cup, they have experienced many setbacks both at home and in Europe.

At home, the gap between Real Madrid and Barcelona and other teams is gradually widening. Valencia can hardly challenge these two teams. In the European competition, they are deeply impressed by a tragic defeat.

In the 1993-94 season, Valencia met Karlsruhe in the UEFA Cup.

For a long time in the last century, the German team was the bitter master of Valencia. Since the 1966-1967 season, Valencia has failed to win in Germany, and the curse was not broken until 2007.

In the two round match against Karlsruhe, Valencia beat the opponent 3-1 in mestallia, but just when they felt that they had great hope of promotion, in the next round of Germany away game, the team lost 7-0 and was shamefully swept by Karlsruhe.

The game against Karlsruhe was the last one he (his father) watched on TV.

After hearing the game, Vicente said angrily:

From now on, I will only go to mestallia to watch the ball.

Since then, when he went to host the match at home, Vicente, accompanied by his son, walked into the mestallia stadium and felt the atmosphere of the match that he had not felt for a long time, while his son told him what happened on the court.

Whenever Valencia scored a beautiful goal, the son would excitedly tell his father, and Vicente just smiled:

I already know that I can feel the passion of Valencia flowing.

Never empty

Since 1993, Vicente has renewed his season ticket every year. Although he cant see anything, he also wants to make a little contribution to the club in this way. As the 18th member of the club, he has his own fixed seat:

For more than 20 years, the wind and rain have been smooth. As long as Valencia is playing at home, in this seat you can always see a smiling old man and his son sitting next to him explaining the game.

With the coming of the new century, Valencia also ushered in another glorious moment in the history of the club.

There are no famous superstars in that bat team, but they have such excellent players as Mendieta, Vicente and Aimar. Under Coopers leadership, they have reached the Champions League final for two consecutive years, only a step away from becoming a real European giant.

However, God has teased the mood of Valencia fans again and again.

In the 2000 Champions League final, they lost 3-0 to Real Madrid. In 2001, they fought Bayern to Valencia in penalty shoot out, but they were saved three penalties by the brave Kahn, 12 yards ago.

Although he lost the big ear cup, Valencias strength is still not to be underestimated.

After Benitez took over, they failed to continue the teams excellent performance in the Champions League, but in the Spanish League, they won the league titles in 2001-02 and 2003-04.

In Benitezs words, its a reward for our efforts. We dont have any outstanding stars, but because of this, all of us rely on each other to do our best.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Valencia was called the civilian corps by the media because there were no big stars. However, it was the civilian corps that left Real Madrid and Barcelona behind, especially in the second league championship season, they were still 8 points behind Real Madrid in the month before winning the title. However, with the concerted efforts of Benitez and all the players, they reversed their disadvantages and won the prize After winning the championship, this spirit is exactly what Valencia fans expect.

So, 2004 was the happiest year of his life.

March 5, 2019 is the centenary of Valencia club.

He marked the clubs centenary day on the calendar 20 years ago, so I know how much he wants to be here.

However, Vicente did not wait for this day. In 2016, the 85 year old Vicente died of illness, and the seat 164 in the 15th row of the central grandstand was also vacant.

In memory of the loyal fan, Valencia club took down the seat and put the statue of Vicente in place at the centenary, so that he could support the team in Mestalla forever.

Vicente, as like as two peas in a sunglasses, smiled, as he had been modeling for the past 20 years.

In the 2018-19 season, Valencia, under the leadership of Marcellino, has achieved a good result that hasnt been achieved for a long time.

In La Liga, they are only behind Barcelona, Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid, ranking fourth in the league table and getting tickets to the Champions League.

Like 1967 and 2004, it must have been a happy year for Vicente.

Vicente represents the feelings of Valencia fans in the purest way, and his statue is a tribute from Valencia football club to all the fans who support us all the way, from now on to forever.

In the Champions League knockout in March, Valencia lost to Atlanta, but in the special period caused by the epidemic, Vicente will always accompany Valencia in mestallia, as the official social platform of Valencia wrote after the game: because here, there will not be any competition is empty. Source of this article: Netease sports Author: the responsible editor of Muzi who writes ball: Xu Song_ NS1943

In the Champions League knockout in March, Valencia lost to Atlanta, but in the special period caused by the epidemic, Vicente will always accompany Valencia in mestallia, as written on Valencias official social platform after the game:

Because here, there wont be any games that are empty.