14 major types of film industry gathered in Jinzhong film Youth Association held on May 20

 14 major types of film industry gathered in Jinzhong film Youth Association held on May 20

At the same time, Jinzhong film youth also launched the movie line expression contest to take you back to the classic movie lines. Nearly 50 famous artists, such as art director Lin Lin, composer Jin Peida, photography director Li Dianshi, editing director Li Lin, have expressed their love to the film industry, and have made professional voices about the development of Chinese films from their respective fields, which have been collected into Jinzhong quotations. But Liu Yan, Liu Tianchi, Shi Hang, Bai Jigang, Yuan Hong, Xu Duba and other stars and KOL went to the battle in person to re dub the classic confession lines in the movie and express the Chinese movie.

The peoples Congress of performing film will gather to praise the last and open the next chapter

This Jinzhong film youth offline activity Jinzhong film Youth Association will land in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province for the first time, becoming an important part of the opening ceremony of Taihu film and Television Industry Investment Summit and Taihu film week on May 20. At the opening ceremony, 69 professional judges of Jinzhong film youth and excellent representatives from all types of work in the film industry will jointly issue a proposal to cheer up the Chinese film industry in the epidemic period.

Jinzhong Youth Film Association will be divided into three parts. In the last section, review the achievements of Chinese films in 2019, and commend the outstanding films and filmmakers of the year. In the middle point link, around the opportunities and challenges under the epidemic, we invited outstanding representatives of various types of work in the film industry to interact on the spot, and discussed the transformation, innovation, transformation and upgrading of the Chinese film industry in the era of digital economy and post epidemic. In the next chapter, there will be on-the-spot questions from the big V and the big guy, as well as the promotion meetings of several upcoming films, such as swimming to the sea and becoming blue, winning the title and Tang probe 3, to make a voice for the coming new chapter of the Chinese film industry.

Chen Kexin, Jia Zhangke, Chen Sicheng, Wen Muye, Guo fan, Zhang Guoli, Wang Xueqi and other filmmakers will issue professional recognition and special recognition in the form of video. In the box office based data recognition unit, 12 pairs of ordinary young fans from Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and other 12 cities with the highest box office in 2019 will act as the awarding guests.