Panoramic exposure of new SUV interior with large central control screen

 Panoramic exposure of new SUV interior with large central control screen

New SUV interior

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The A-pillar position of the drivers seat of the new car is designed with a handle and a loudspeaker, so it is speculated that there will be a higher configuration of the audio system; it is equipped with a three spoke multi-functional steering wheel, and an integrated shift paddle; the driver is equipped with a full LCD instrument panel in front, and has a great probability of equipped with HUD head up display function.

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u2191 network exposure real vehicle camouflage spy photo, u2193 previous exposure effect picture

1. Brand new style appearance design

The model of the new car is totally different from that of the Haval brand in the sales, and the overall visual effect is similar to that of the hardcore off-road vehicle. The new design elements include: rectangular black middle net (embedded with three banner grid and Haval black logo), circular headlights, circular LED daytime running lights, smoked stereo tail lights (suspected with through design), etc.; in addition, the front bumper of the new car is made of the common black plastic material of the off-road vehicle, and the exposed double trailer hook is very hard core.

Network exposure, suspected new SUV interior

According to another spy photo of the interior of a suspected new Haval SUV exposed on the Internet, the layout and design of the interior of the new car have changed dramatically. It is not only equipped with a new multi-functional steering wheel (with aluminum shift paddles), but also equipped with an independent LCD instrument panel and central control screen; the car key is also designed with a new irregular shape.

4. Or brand new Haval H5 and produced in Russia

Finally, there are hand-painted pictures of the new Haval SUV on the Internet, which can more clearly see the relevant design of the real car u2193

[new SUV hand drawn by haver] New

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