This houlang is very big and powerful. Detailed explanation of Toyotas new Sienna

 This houlang is very big and powerful. Detailed explanation of Toyotas new Sienna

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Video details of Toyotas new Sienna (2021) (source: Netease)

Key points

Toyota Sienna is an MPV model launched by Toyota in the United States in 1997. It is also designed and manufactured in the United States. After the launch, the market reaction was very good, and it once won the title of the most satisfied MPV for consumers in 2003. At the same time, it was also one of the highest scoring models in the IIHS crash test in the United States.

The new Sienna has launched five models, including Le, xle, xSe (red car), platinum (grey car) and Limited (white car). At the same time, the new car has achieved several firsts, such as the first use of 20 inch wheel hub, the first use of hybrid system, etc. The new car is built based on tnga-k platform and is equipped as standard Seven Inch digital dashboard Nine Inch Touch screen, seven USB ports, Android auto, applecarplay ToyotaSafetySense2.0 10 airbags, and equipped with 2.5L Oil electric hybrid system.

[new car knowledge] New

1. More advanced configuration

2. More comprehensive functions

Some of the new Sienna models (taking North America Version as an example) can also be equipped with all wheel drive system, which can provide users with necessary accessories for outdoor adventure travel, such as Yakima brand roof rack, bicycle frame, etc. In addition, the new Sienna will also provide trailer hook, 1500W inverter, 120V AC power socket and other equipment suitable for camping. Its worth mentioning that all the power versions of new cars have 3500 pounds one point five eight Tons) of traction, enough to pull out a fully equipped compact travel trailer, or a family mountain bike.

3. More comfortable design

The new Sienna is designed by the Calty design and Research Office of Toyota (Newport Beach, California and Ann Arbor, Michigan) to provide more space, comfort, convenience, fuel efficiency and versatility than any other type of car. The new car is built based on tnga-k platform and adopts standard MPV body structure. Its goal is to optimize all functions of MPV, and at the same time, it will innovate the overall body and interior design, such as meeting the requirements of accommodating 7 people and all luggage, making the new car look younger, fashionable and sporty with a sense of technology.

* quieter

In addition, Toyota engineers are particularly focused on reducing the noise generated by multiple people talking in the car. The new car is equipped with 7 USB ports, WiFi, jbl1200w / 12 speaker advanced sound, 1080p HD rear entertainment system and other entertainment functions, and these functions have a better utility. For example, if the internal noise level increases due to the quarrel between passengers in the car with full load of people, the new Siennas unique driver easyspeak is the drivers call edge tool. This function is essentially a built-in PA system, which can convey the drivers voice through the audio system and the rear speaker.

* better vision

The new Sienna provides the driver with a broad vision and more confidence in the corners; meanwhile, the high sitting posture and large area of windows make the new car an excellent sightseeing machine, while the private glass provided in the back ensures the privacy of the car. In addition, the new Sienna has many new technologies and functions: (below u2193)

* standard rear camera with tracking function: high configuration rear wide-angle camera;

* standard streaming media digital interior rearview mirror: the normal mode is the traditional interior rearview mirror, but if the rear seat passengers or goods block the rear view, the driver will touch the switch to make all obstacles disappear, instead of the rear camera image. In addition, a homelink transceiver is integrated into the streaming media digital interior rearview mirror, which is convenient to operate the garage door and other compatible equipment;

* aerial camera with scanning function: this function can provide a real-time 360 degree angle of view to help the driver find potential obstacles. See children or small animals that may be close to the vehicle. Also, containment views can help prevent scratches on those beautiful 20 inch wheels.

* standard 10 inch color head up display: it can be controlled by voice recognition and steering wheel switch; the display can project important information at the height of line of sight, such as speed, navigation direction TSS2.0 Function.

4. Bigger but not bloated

The designers and engineers of the new Sienna are challenged because they want to make sure that the new car is bigger than its predecessor, and at the same time look less bloated and even sporty. In order to achieve this bold and innovative idea, the design team takes the vehicle shoulder as the main contour line to create a strong line and proportion on the vehicle, which is totally different from the old school square MPV driving on the road today.

The new car adheres to the principle of optimizing the internal space, while avoiding the square design. The flat and long roof has a slight dip, and extends to the slightly inclined D-pillar. The tail lamp uses LED light source to carve a unique visual effect on the convex and concave rear of the car. The rear part of the roof is equipped with an integrated spoiler, which further eliminates the feeling of bulkiness of the whole vehicle. In addition, the new Sienna also launched the xSe sports model, which is equipped with dark 20 inch five spoke wheel rim (this size is the first use of Sienna in 23 years, and the rest models are equipped with 18-19 inch wheel rim) and the front and rear bumpers of blackened sports type, which has the potential to modify hellaflush.

5. More human interior

Toyotas third-generation Sienna is famous for its generosity, but the new Sienna takes it to a new level. The design team believes that users of any model want to have a better and more fun driving experience; therefore, even a broad MPV cannot drive like a bus. Therefore, the design team has positioned the core goal of the new cars interior decoration on perfection and intelligent innovation.

In order to achieve the goal, Toyota engineers designed a more scientific and modern instrument panel for the new Sienna, with multi-level layout, large-scale central touch screen, extremely convenient storage of items and innovative design of the bridge center console, which not only meets the driving function of the driver, but also meets the storage requirements of the copilots items.

Bridge type center console is an innovative design provided by Toyota for the new Sienna, which is different from the layout of ordinary cars and SUVs. The center console is ergonomically located at a higher position between the driver and the copilot, which is not only convenient to use, but also ingeniously connects the instrument panel and the central armrest. This makes the driver have a more relaxed and comfortable driving experience; for example, the storage compartment, cup holder, mobile wireless charger, etc. are all within reach; and under the bridge is a large open space, which can store large items, such as schoolbags, boots, etc. It is worth mentioning that the new car is equipped with up to 7 SUV interfaces and 18 cup holders.

The new Siennas second row seats slide 25 inches for greater interior spaceuff08 63.5cm uff09, providing unprecedented leg space and flexibility, while maximizing comfort when used with adjustable leg support. The new Sienna will offer a variety of seat layouts depending on the model configuration (take North America as an example):

* some xle models and xSe, limited, platinum: all equipped with 7 SEATS (2 + 2 + 3), the second row is equipped with two independent seats, of which limited and platinum FWD models are equipped with leg brackets.

7. Safer auxiliary system

* pre collision system with pedestrian detection / low light detection;

* full speed range dynamic radar cruise control;

* lane departure warning with steering assistance;

* lane tracking assistance;

* automatic high beam lamp;

In addition, Toyota further improves the safety through functions such as rear seat safety belt reminder and electronic parking brake (EPB), as well as new functions of rear seat reminder. Toyota engineers designed for family safety, with rear occupant detection based on door sequencing logic, where combimetermid provided a warning caution: check rear passengers and cargo..

8. More confident driving

The new Sienna is not only a loading weapon, but also the drivers driving experience is close to that of most urban SUVs. With the optimized geometry of tnga-k platform, the rear suspension and rear suspension with multi link rear arm, the communication between the driver and the vehicle can be more natural and intuitive.

9. More energy-saving hybrid system

Drivers of the new Sienna will feel super smooth acceleration and almost no noise. The new hybrid system consists of 2.5LDOHC Four cylinder engine (thermal efficiency 41%) and two motors (front drive double motor, four drive three motor). EV, normal, eco and sport are available in driving mode. Normal mode is very suitable for daily driving; sport mode can release the power of the hybrid system and improve the acceleration response; eco mode can extract the maximum mileage from the fuel and battery; EV mode allows pure electric driving at low speed in a short distance.

In addition, the warranty for the new Sienna powertrain includes all hybrid related components, including the HV battery, for 8 years / 100000 miles, whichever comes first (in North America, for example).

* all wheel drive

The new Sienna is the only vehicle in this segment that combines a hybrid powertrain with AWD, and the system is available for all models. The new car uses a new four-wheel drive system called electronic on-demand AWD. Instead of the heavy AWD transfer case and the rear wheel drive shaft, the AWD system uses a separate motor to power the rear wheels, thus providing instant additional traction at all speeds.

During the starting period of the vehicle, the hybrid AWD gives priority to transmitting 80% of the driving force to the rear wheel to prevent the front wheel from slipping (the torque distribution is 100:0 to 20:80, which can be displayed on the instrument cluster); the hybrid AWD system can also enhance the agility of turning by reducing the understeer, so that it has a more confident sense of control.


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