Netherlandish Netherlandish hotel is both funny and eccentric. It can also sleep in the air for hundreds of yuan

 Netherlandish Netherlandish hotel is both funny and eccentric. It can also sleep in the air for hundreds of yuan

The hotels design team built all the compact rooms in the church atrium by disassembling and reorganizing the original building. It also combines the luxurious air room with the capsule sleeping cabin with exquisite design, which can bridge the huge difference between the hotel and the youth hostel. There are both expensive and cheap ones, and the price difference is not very big. You need both of them!

The public area of the hotel focuses on sharing, interconnection and open experience. The large floor glass, the entrance decorated with green plants and the lively bar seem to enter a lively market. Fully open restaurant design, close the distance between strangers, pleasant chat also makes food more delicious.

The style and material here have a strong retro flavor. At the end of the hall, there is even an antique organ that best represents the characteristics of the church. It is not only a wall decoration, but also a performer. Who could have thought that it was a real person playing in the piano.

Air rooms: 107 air rooms are stacked in the church atrium. The outer layer is covered with irregular arrangement of decorative panels. Only small air windows are exposed. You can see the restaurant, which is like the cabin in a cruise ship. The price is 54 euro (about 415 RMB).

There are 10 types of rooms in the air, the minimum area is only 9 u33a1, and the maximum area of 4 rooms is 20 u33a1. It can meet the accommodation needs of different tourists such as lovers and families.

Although the room area is not large, each room has the function of a complete hotel room, combining the greatest privacy with the simplest design.

The room is mainly composed of logs and white walls, and the simple color blocks are laid into a clear functional area. All kinds of ingenious storage design combine decoration and function.

Facing the street, you can also see the original arched windows made of bricks, so that you can experience a medieval living atmosphere. And at a glance is the lush forest, it is refreshing. You are fascinated by this room. You must stay in this room for one night!

Capsule sleeping cabin: another kind of room with lower price and suitable for backpackers is capsule sleeping cabin. The room price is only 24 euro (184 RMB), which can give full play to the traditional advantages of youth hotels. I believe that the house price is very cheap in Europe! The four square sleeping cabin is made of solid wood and matte metal, which corresponds to the theme of the hotel. It really looks like a cardboard box when I was a kid.

Although the price is cheap, there are all the necessary configurations. The sleeping cabin is equipped with safe, power supply and WiFi. Of course, the bathroom is also public.

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