Video of three Chinese men shot dead in Myanmar

 Video of three Chinese men shot dead in Myanmar

On May 19, a news video of a public trial of three people in Myanmars Wa State was circulated on social media in China and caused heated discussion. The reporter confirmed from nandeng, WA that three Chinese criminals who robbed Jindian on May 3 were executed on May 14 after a local judicial trial.

u25b2 on May 14, a public sentencing conference was held in nandeng, Wa State, Myanmar, in which three criminals were sentenced to death, executed by gunshot and immediately executed in the execution place. Picture source / video screenshot

Fujian businessman Jindian was robbed and three murderers were quickly arrested

In the early morning of May 3, a vicious gold shop was robbed in nandeng, Wa State, Myanmar.

The upstream news reporter saw from the surveillance video of the robbed gold shop that at the time of the incident, ye, the owner of the gold shop, had pulled down a rolling shutter door and was ready to close the business. When ye was about to pull down the second rolling shutter door, it was later proved that Zheng zeyong, GE CAIDE and Yang Liu entered the store and pretended to check the goods. Owner Ye stopped closing the door and accompanied three people to check. Zheng zeyong, GE CAIDE, Yang Liu and other three people suddenly started. They controlled Ye Mou, the owner of the gold shop, and another quickly closed the rolling shutter door of the shop. Later, Ye was found dead in the gold shop, where a large number of gold and silver jewelry were stolen.

Sichuan native Li Chen (pseudonym) has been running a local restaurant in nandeng since 2017. He told the upstream news reporter that in recent years, there have been few vicious murders in nandeng. After the robbery of Jindian, nandeng became a sensation. Although its the border area, the security environment has been good, and the police began to arrest people that night.

According to the news released by nandeng, after the gold shop robbery, they immediately started to investigate, and captured Zheng zeyong and Ge CAIDE, who were suspected of robbery and murder, within a few hours, and found the robbed gold bars, necklaces and other items on them. Another suspect, Yang Liu, is on the run.

In order to capture the fleeing Yang Liu, Nan Deng, Wa State, launched a large-scale search. The Public Security Bureau of Cangyuan County, Yunnan Province, China, which is adjacent to Nan Deng, also issued a report on the investigation of Yang Liu, calling on all sectors of society to actively provide their whereabouts and clues. Two days later, on May 5, Nan Deng released a message saying that Yang Liu, the suspect at large, had been arrested.

u25b2 assistant inspection notice issued by Cangyuan County Public Security Bureau of Yunnan Province.

According to a report released on May 16 by nandeng news, on May 14, three criminals, Zheng zeyong, GE CAIDE and Yang Liu, who committed robbery and murder, were sentenced to death and executed on the same day. On May 19, the upstream news reporter learned from nandeng that the relevant information was indeed released by nandeng and that three criminals had been executed.

u25b2 Zheng zeyong, the criminal of Jindian robbery and murder, was arrested at the scene.

According to the local judicial organ of nandeng, after the trial, Zheng zeyong, GE CAIDE, Yang Liu and other three people confessed to the crime, and there were on-site surveillance videos to testify, Zheng zeyong, GE CAIDE and Yang Liu committed the crime by cruel means, with bad nature and conclusive evidence, which had a very bad impact on society. According to local laws, Zheng zeyong, GE CAIDE and Yang Liu were guilty of illegally buying guns and robbing and killing people to death. They decided to punish them for several crimes together, sentenced three people to death, executed the execution by shooting, and rushed to the execution site for immediate execution. Upstream journalists confirmed locally that three people had been executed on 14 May.

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