Musk sold out nearly a billion dollars of real estate, which is his least valuable asset

 Musk sold out nearly a billion dollars of real estate, which is his least valuable asset

It seems that my girlfriend was really scared by this crazy move

Before the melon eaters knew it, musk first sold two Belair properties for $39.5 million, and then put five California properties on the market, four of which are in Bel Air and the other is in the expensive Hillsborough of Silicon Valley.

Today, the household gentleman will take you to take stock of his 7 luxurious houses.

1. Los Angeles 10930chalonrd, ca90077

The property has five bedrooms and five bathrooms, with an interior area of 2756 square feet. It was the home of the late actor Gene Wilder.

It has picturesque scenery, lush vegetation, and a guest house beside the irregular swimming pool.

The property was put on the market on May 3 at a price of $29.9 million, which rose to $30 million a day later and is still being sold at that price.

3. Los Angeles 10947chalonrd, ca90077

Built in 1954, the property has 8 parking spaces, 4 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, with an interior area of 7026 square feet.

It is located at a high position, overlooking the beautiful scenery of Los Angeles.

4. Los Angeles 955somerard, ca90077

The property has four bedrooms with an interior area of 2963 square feet. Built in 1962, musk bought it in 2015 for u00a3 4.3m.

From the photos of selling houses before, we can see the antique decoration and the princess wind of maiden heart. Its very warm.

5. Los Angeles 954somerard, ca90077

It has 6 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms, with an indoor area of 9309 square feet. Built in 2015, covering an area of one point five seven Acres.

Built in 1964, the house has 4 bedrooms, 3943 square feet of indoor area and covers an area of zero point eight five Acres. Musk bought the property last year for $6.4 million.

7. Hillsborough, California