Hubeis representatives to the two sessions successively arrived in Beijing to take these proposals

 Hubeis representatives to the two sessions successively arrived in Beijing to take these proposals

This year, there are 111 deputies to the National Peoples Congress of Hubei Province and 41 members of the National Committee of the Chinese peoples Political Consultative Conference living in Hubei.

It is hoped that the state will pay attention to the construction of transportation infrastructure in Hubei, especially the construction of high-speed railway. Liu Ziming, deputy to the National Peoples Congress and Secretary of the Party committee and vice chairman of China Railway Bridge Survey and Design Institute Group Co., Ltd., will make suggestions for the support of the state for the construction of high-speed railway in Hubei Province. He argued that the high-speed railway lines in our province need to be further densified to realize seamless connection between high-speed railway and general railway, and strengthen the construction of rapid traffic between cities and regions, so that the traffic in Hubei can really get through the last kilometer of high efficiency and convenience.

Mao Zongfu, a deputy to the National Peoples Congress and professor of the school of health of Wuhan University, told Changjiang Daily - that he would go to Beijing to attend the meeting with the proposal of establishing a hierarchical diagnosis and treatment system under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control . He suggested that we should clarify the functional orientation of primary health care institutions, enhance service capabilities, reform the payment policy for medical insurance, guide the sinking of medical and health services, and improve the Internet plus policies to facilitate the masses to seek medical treatment in the near future.

We should strive for national support for Wuhans core screen end network industry and make positive suggestions. Since last year, Huang Wangming, deputy to the National Peoples Congress and head of the technical team of Wuchang operation workshop of Wuchang passenger car depot of Wuhan Railway Bureau of China, has paid close attention to the development of Wuhans core screen end network industry. After research and careful preparation, he will put forward suggestions for participating in the national two sessions: to introduce policies in accelerating the introduction of excellent communication management and information technology talents, to establish and improve rules and legal systems in terms of talents, technology, industry, etc., and to accelerate the landing of major scientific and technological innovation platforms in Han Dynasty.

In the next stage of this year, it will also be an important issue for the two sessions of the National Peoples Congress of the peoples Republic of China on how to keep the prevention and control of the epidemic in a normal way and promote the improvement of the public health system. During the two sessions, I and other representatives will focus on making up for shortcomings, closing loopholes, and strengths and weaknesses, and conduct in-depth discussions on issues such as improving the ability of epidemic monitoring and early warning, improving the public health emergency management and treatment system, and rationalizing the medical and health system. Hu Yu said that the current risk challenges of epidemic prevention and control still exist, and we must not abandon all our efforts. We must fully implement the overall prevention and control strategy of external defense input and internal defense rebound, and promptly discover, quickly dispose of, accurately control and effectively treat.

Xie Wenmin prepared three proposals to attend the meeting this year, calling for the improvement of the national public health emergency management system. She believes that in terms of information leakage and resource docking of public health events, a special information release and exchange platform should be opened up in the Internet platform of government portal information with the help of the convenience of the Internet and smart phones to allow people to submit important information to the platform and realize information sharing. At the same time, the government should regularly screen and match information, find out key needs, and do a good job of early warning or timely disposal at the beginning of the event.

Huang Li also took three emergency rescue proposals to the two sessions and made suggestions and suggestions to help development. I mentioned intelligent application many times in the proposal. High and new technology is of great significance to national security, social stability and the good life of the people. He disclosed that the three proposals are respectively the proposal on expanding the function of fire rescue team to undertake the pre hospital emergency task, the proposal on building the intelligent forest fire prevention infrastructure and the proposal on comprehensively managing the low altitude airspace of UAV, emphasizing on improving the innovation ability of emergency science and technology and promoting the socialization of emergency rescue system.