How to arrange the network of learning and wisdom under the wave of science and technology

 How to arrange the network of learning and wisdom under the wave of science and technology

Xuehui network, established in 2014, focuses on vocational ability training and education promotion counseling. Its business involves projects such as nutritionist, psychological consultant, human resource manager, teacher qualification certificate, health manager, self-taught education examination training, etc. so far, it has completed research on 1200 professional courses in 43 projects, providing more than 10 million class hours of course services for students every year, The total number of service students has exceeded 50W.

The course system of aims to realize the personalized learning of every student. After students sign up, they will inform students of the opening time through the station letter. During the class, they will speak carefully, collude with each other, coordinate exercises, and pay attention to step-by-step, complementary and steady improvement. Students can also use the intelligent courseware system of to realize the functions of repeatedly watching, live playback, in class practice, and real-time questioning. The lecturer can also make teaching courseware through intelligent courseware system and design personalized online courses. The TA teacher will also follow the course, answer questions and supervise the learning progress, and follow up the learning effect by telephone, so that the students learning is no longer alone. After class, students can enter the AI intelligent question bank system, in which the error consolidation manual records the learning progress and effect of students in real time.

Optimize service in the whole chain and run to the future of AI + education

The future direction of technology development, of course, is inseparable from AI. According to Zhao Yanwu, CTO of, as a one-stop platform integrating online teaching and service, xuehui.coms future focus is to continuously optimize the student experience through the whole chain of AI means. In the track of vocational education, there are not many complete models of full chain, Internet-based and online services, so our technical characteristics can be called AI service support throughout the front-end and back-end complete chain of teaching..

The so-called full chain AI service support, first of all, is the pre-sale market promotion assistance. At present, the marketing promotion of online education companies relies on Internet traffic. When the traffic is more and more expensive, how to use AI to improve marketing efficiency is the top priority. For example, we have introduced the role of AI robot in the pre-sale stage, and with the help of human, we can more clearly identify the intention of customers, so as to achieve accurate recommendation. Doing so will save more manpower and allow sales to focus on more valuable leads. Secondly, in terms of after-sales, in addition to the complete online learning closed-loop integrating AI intelligent question bank, after-school practice and simulation examination mentioned before, if students have some personalized service needs, such as suspension, they can be solved on the one-stop service platform of

Speaking about the future, Zhao Yanwu said that there is still a lot of space for big data and AI technology to explore in how to better achieve personalized learning and better improve the internal learning motivation of students. But when AI develops to a certain stage, can machines really replace human beings? In theory, the most ideal state is that there is no real teacher. We can handle all teaching products and data in the form of AI, improve teaching efficiency and promote education equity. But returning to the essence of education, we feel that for quite a long time, technology can not replace flesh and blood in emotional companionship. So what we are pursuing now is to give ai the things that are repetitive and standardized, and the parts that are more personalized and emotional support to real teachers. This is just like the current positioning of Xuehui. As a one-stop platform integrating online teaching and service, the application of big data, AI and other technologies has greater value in improving the efficiency of teachers teaching and educational administration, and providing personalized learning programs for students. The multiplier effect of technology will play a greater role only in the educational ideal that has always adhered to: to really empower learners, let everyone gain more than one certificate, but to improve their career and even their ability to change their lives. Source: editor in charge of mass news: Chen Tiqiang_ NB6485