Technology alone empowers freelance

 Technology alone empowers freelance

1. The free profession is developing rapidly in our country and showing the trend of youth. The reason why freelance industry can develop rapidly in China is essentially the liberation of employment relationship. The buyer and the seller are no longer the fixed employment relationship, showing a more flexible way of transaction. So that the labor force can be fully liberated and realize the positive flow of talents.

2. Free occupation promotes the development of skill individuation and professionalization. In the era of sharing economy, people with skills, contacts and service providers can find jobs that match them through platforms such as appointment form, provide differentiated services according to their own interests and specialties, and maximize their personal value.

3. Freelance will diversify the income of individuals. With the development of the high degree of free occupation, full-time work is no longer the identity tag or the only source of income. Users can turn work into a way of allocating time and replacing resources through a time and skill sharing platform like the contract. Facing the uncertain future, free occupation can provide a diversified career path, which is lower than the potential career risk.

In the United States, the number of people who dont have to go to a specific workplace has reached more than 30%, and is growing at a rate of 10% per year. Freelance, belonging to collaborative sharing, will coexist with the traditional business model for a long time, and there will be a certain cooperative relationship between the two. Although in China, the free profession has not become the mainstream, it has a rapid expansion trend. With the rise of Internet assistance to netizens, freelancing will become an important area to change the economic pattern.

The contract is regarded as the largest time and skill trading platform in China by the industry. It gives full play to the labor and time value of people, liberates Internet users from the fixed employment relationship, and advocates human to human labor services. Since then, the employment relationship between people is no longer limited to the 8-hour work system, and each individual can fully share more spare time, which also creates the first C2C trading mode in China.

It is understood that at present, it covers more than 600 industries, including leisure and entertainment, sports and health, beauty and fashion, home life, education and training, technical services, rental service providers, etc. It has covered 400 cities across the country, and more than 3 million service providers can receive orders anytime and anywhere with their mobile phones.

In the first mock exam, the traditional labor relationship was overturned, and the users completed the service during running and watching the movie. Not only the way of service is flexible and diverse, but also the service is not limited by the intensity and working time. As long as you have time, you can receive orders. Its time to close the notice.

Feedback from users: this is a fun game. You can not only find interesting people to spend on the platform, but also make profits by publishing services yourself. In this new way, my social circle has expanded.

In todays highly liberalized Internet, the post-90s generation are increasingly relying on mobile Internet to solve problems. The emergence of the contract has provided opportunities for young people to work freely, and has also contributed to the milestone significance of Chinas Internet free professionalization.