Zhongqu technology VR is not only for large companies, but also for small and medium-sized enterprises

 Zhongqu technology VR is not only for large companies, but also for small and medium-sized enterprises

From the perspective of the VR show solution under the companys interest technology, this solution can quickly seize the market of VR watch, with two major advantages.

First of all, the environment to avoid going out as much as possible during the epidemic is a favorable condition for VR to take a look at the rapid market occupation. The complex process of entering and leaving the community, too many places and people contacted by brokers are not safe, etc., which makes many users who want to see houses offline stand back. At this time, VR with viewing can well solve the constraints of offline viewing, online and offline integration, breaking the barriers of time and space, making the viewing process convenient, convenient and safe.

Secondly, VR is more user-friendly than VR. On the basis of panoramic house watching function, real-time explanation function of broker is added, which makes online house watching provide service process like offline reception, not just a platform to provide users with display materials. Agents step by step guide users to understand the structure and characteristics of the house, real-time exchange of details and doubts, so that the whole process of looking at the house is vivid and interesting, moving users from the service level. Moreover, according to the different understanding direction of each person, the information transmitted by pictures and words is limited. A broker can correct the misunderstanding of users in time and avoid the loss of customers due to the understanding error. When the broker detects the users interest point, it can focus on introducing the characteristics of this aspect with a targeted view, which causes the users greater interest. These are the different services that VR can not provide.

Breaking the barriers of time and space, enabling more fields

VR take and see scheme is not only applicable to the sale and lease of real estate business, such as cloud exhibition hall, online museum, scene shopping, and even education, which can reproduce offline scenes to online fields, it can shine.

In recent years, for the cloud exhibition hall and online museum, the traditional exhibition platform has limited space, so each exhibition needs to limit the number of exhibitors. For security reasons, some exhibits still have defects such as long viewing distance and single angle, which makes it difficult to see the whole picture. Its not easy for non local people to participate in the exhibition. They can only rely on online pictures for consolation.

After connecting to the cloud exhibition hall and Museum, the whole network users can enter the vr virtual world anytime and anywhere, and follow the commentators to explore the charm of the exhibits step by step. In the VR world, there is no need to queue up under the restriction of number of people, no need to view from a distance under the restriction of safety, no noise from one to another, only the commentator patiently and cordially explains and exchanges in real time, visits the exhibits from all angles, and truly achieves the immersive exhibition experience. This is not only a convenient experience brought by offline scene reproduction to online, but also a humanized service brought by online graphic display to VR.

Before and after the epidemic, Zhongqu technology successively helped Vanke, 365 taofang, lizhang, Leju and other national real estate platforms to launch VR belt watch, which opened a new direction to the market for them in a special period.

But Zhongqu technology found that at this time, small and medium-sized enterprises need more ways to deal with the adverse environment than large companies, and such enterprise version programs are difficult to popularize in small and medium-sized enterprises. On the one hand, most small and medium-sized enterprises do not have independent app software, nor do they have a strong technology development team to conduct research and development, which makes Zhongqu technology unable to connect VR with the platform; on the other hand, the investment strength of small and medium-sized enterprises is far less than that of large-scale enterprises, and the enterprise version of the program has a great financial pressure on small and medium-sized enterprises. How to make small and medium-sized enterprises with strong demand also have VR take and see solutions has become an urgent direction of interest technology.

At the beginning of the development of Internet and artificial intelligence, people pay more attention to human-computer interaction. But now, people think that the future of science and technology is to help people interact better with each other. Internet, artificial intelligence, 5g, VR and other popular technologies are to create better work and life experience for people, to facilitate the communication and interaction between people, rather than simply make people and machines highly run in.

In the future, the market needs a more humanized, anthropomorphic and almost natural interaction experience between people, breaking the barriers of time and space, integrating online and offline, and creating a boundless world of communication and interaction.