In this womens survival game, I cant live to be 30

 In this womens survival game, I cant live to be 30

On the outer packing box, there are many slogans representing the outside voice:

There is a value to judge womens love and marriage - girls are too strong, no boys like it!

These voices are familiar to every girl.

The setting of the game is that you, Li Zhizhi, gender female, want to survive tenaciously in this gender unequal society.

The picture is the movie hunger game

As a board game enthusiast, I have never been exposed to womens themes, so I immediately became curious: can I break those stereotypes, not against my own will, not lose my self-worth, and live a happy life?

The development of East Asian daughter

The game is very simple. One player plays Li Zhihui (no real action ability), and the other 3-5 players play her father, mother, brother, same-sex and heterosexual friends. From childhood, adolescence, middle age to old age, Li will encounter different life events. After internal discussion, relatives and friends make choices for her.

u25cf at each stage of life, Li will encounter three major gender related events, and you need to make decisions for her.

All decisions will affect Lis survival attribute values (sociality, self-esteem, pressure, adaptability, sensitivity), and each player represents an attribute behind it. When the pressure reaches the peak, or when one of the attribute values is cleared, the game ends, which means that Li is disqualified (i.e. dead).

For example, at the age of seven, as a girl, you may be treated coldly by a patriarchal grandmother.

u25cf compromise? Do you please me? Or a big fight?

For example, when you were 18, your mother asked you to be a nanny before going out to take care of your father and your brother like a giant baby.

u25cf argue? seek safety in flight? Or do you contract all the housework by yourself?

And at the age of 20, when you go to college, you may be judged behind the back by the seniors like other girls.

u25cf turn a deaf ear? Face to face? Or is it a daily duty to maintain good looks?

Like a nurturing game for daughters.

During the game, my boyfriend and I played the role of parents respectively, teaching daughter in their own way. I prefer to live a happy and carefree life and never hold my breath compared with my boyfriend who is cautious and considerate of other peoples feelings. In the face of my grandmothers partiality, I want to strive for equal treatment. My mother defaults that I want to take care of my father and brother, so I sneak out to play late. Being judged by the senior, I have to go back on the spot

If my boyfriend cultivates a good girl, then my daughter here is more like a little bitch smash - with clear love and hate and great will. If you encounter injustice or unhappiness, you have to hammer back on the spot.

Surprisingly, my boyfriends daughter was still at the age of 45, although she was very careful. She was forced to close the business because of the pressure value explosion. My daughter survived to the age of 90, and her sense of self-esteem burst and the pressure value was cleared!

Sometimes, it seems that more adventurous and radical choices can win us more living space and make us live more comfortable and dignified. Just as in your life, the comfort zone expands with every brave decision.

The rules of the game are our survival rules

Dads only killing skill is one word, one can listen to the opinions of all parties but not adopt it, and make decisions on his own. He corresponds to Lis sociality and adaptability - similar to many real-life fathers who boast of authority.

As for the younger brother, his special skill is to skip a question, which corresponds to the stress value of Li intelligent.

On the other hand, Lis innate five attributes of existence just represent the cornerstone of all actions and decisions made by us in the existing framework of social ethics.

Sociality - can you adapt to the rules of society?

Receptivity - can you feel what you really think?

Pressure - how much external pressure do you face?

When we make a choice, some attributes will rise and some attributes will fall. In order to survive, you have to find ways to keep balance, just like walking on the balance beam at a high altitude - just like how to balance career and family that almost all married and childbearing women will encounter, which is also reflected in the middle age of the game, that is, the childbearing age of women.

I guess designers may think that its not what kind of people we are, what kind of decisions we make, but what kind of people we shape ourselves - our actions directly shape our values.


Although the game is good, some netizens also said that they overstated the plight of women, aggravated gender conflicts, and many incidents only occurred in the South Korea where male chauvinism prevailed - after all, the status of Chinese women is not high enough? Its almost on a mans head!

So, is Chinas gender equality really good enough to be faultless?

According to the 2020 global gender gap report released by the world economic forum, South Korea ranks 108 out of 144 economies - as a developed country in East Asia, its really bad. However, lets look at ourselves - 12 consecutive years of retrogression, ranking 106, isnt it a bit of a 50 step smile?

In fact, the life of Chinese women is not much better than that of Korean women:

If you are a baby girl, you may not have a chance to be born;

When you are a young girl, you may encounter sexual assault but have no way to protect your rights;

If you have a younger brother, you are at risk of being deprived of education / housing / financial support from your parents;

Everyone not only acquiesces that you want to get married and have children, but also has to have a stable job, otherwise it is a moth;

Its your job to meet your husband and teach your son - women must have children! But if you give birth to a daughter, you will not only be treated coldly by your husbands family, but also they have legitimate reasons to ask you to continue giving birth until you give birth to a son

We cant quit halfway, have no chance to repent, cant revive overtime - this is the real world XXXs survival game.

Gender issues are structural and social, but they are not immutable. When we realize the crux of society and are willing to take action to promote the change, it will become clear gradually, just like a light shining into the gap.

Like one of the games designers, its a Korean girl of 92. If she can do something, so can you.

u25cf game creator Ms. Quan xiuren

If you have the idea of non mainstream such as Dink, no marriage, and striving for the title of mother and surname, please dont be easily knocked down by the noise of the outside world - because your persistence will also inject power into our daughter. They will have a lot more options in the future.

Life is short, do good in time.

In the end, you will be what you want to be. The society you build will become what you want more.

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