You think the separation may be just an escape

 You think the separation may be just an escape

Todays young people cant escape such a cycle:

Some people pursue minimalism, abandon all miscellaneous and superfluous things and go to battle lightly.

Some people think that some items carry unique memories and cannot be abandoned.

Is to abandon is to throw? What is its real meaning?

There is a Thai movie that may give you different thoughts -- happy old year

At this years Osaka Asian Film Festival, it beat young you and won the best picture award.

Separation is a popular concept in recent years. Its connotation is:

Organize and abandon the superfluous material, get rid of the infatuation with the material, and make yourself feel comfortable.

However, the real life of the separation, facing a lot of inner game.

The movie looks small and fresh, but everyone feels different after watching it.

Some people think its warm and healing, others think its realistic

What kind of story is this?

01. You think the separation may be just escape

When we throw away the old things, can we really do without any emotional disturbance?

At the beginning, the female leader Xiaoqin did it.

In order to get an offer from a well-known company, she needs to convert her home into a personal studio.

Xiaoqins ideal studio is to play minimalism to the extreme.

Obsolete CDs, MP3s, throw them away.

Magazines you like to read when you are young, throw them away.

Graduation gifts from friends, throw them away.

Student transcript, graduation album, radio All these memories were crammed into the garbage bag by her.

She comforted herself by saying:

The garbage bag is like a black hole, which disappears after being thrown in. You dont remember whats inside.

But is it really so easy to leave?

There was an awkward scene in the film.

My friend is angry and sad when he finds that Xiaoqin is going to throw away the present he has given.

Xiaoqin explained, if one day you throw away my gift, just throw it, I wont be angry.

You dont get angry because you dont care, said the friend

When I was packing, my brother said something:

Its easy to get rid of daily necessities. Its not easy to get rid of personal supplies.

Many people tidy their rooms according to the theory of breaking away, but they find it difficult.

I thought I was just dealing with something I didnt use.

Later, it was found that what was really hard to give up was not a certain object, but a memory that was placed on it.

Many people in the impulse, erase the memories of the past, into endless regret.

Just like the piano in the movie, in the last second, pack all the things and ask someone to take them away.

In the next second, I cant help but regret again and pick up all the things.

Her eagerness to let go of the past just shows that she cant let go.

Some people compare Duan Sheli to that jar of drunken and dreamy wine in the east evil and the West poison. They thought that they could forget all their troubles after drinking it and found it was just a joke.

The more you want to know if youve forgotten, the better you remember.

This is the hardest place to leaveu2014u2014

What should we do with those things that we want to throw but are reluctant to throw?

Those can not face the past, really forget it?

Some people say, things can be thrown away, but its hard to give up feelings.

Unilateral forgetting is not the real end

There is an impressive scene in the movie:

Guilty Xiaoqin calls her friend and apologizes for losing her gift.

A friend said:

Only when both sides are relieved can it really end.

Inspired by her friends, she started the return items program.

In the process of sorting things out, she began to touch the memories that she didnt want to look back.

In this relationship, she chose to end it unilaterally.

In order to say goodbye to the past, she finally bravely met her ex boyfriend.

But is ex boyfriend really relieved of the past?

Thats from my ex boyfriends mom.

The little Qin over the phone was speechless for a moment.

Under her questioning, her ex boyfriend just said the regrets of that year:

Before she died, she said she wanted to drink your corn soup.

It turns out that when she decided to leave, it was an irreparable pain in her ex boyfriends heart.

What is the so-called farewell to the past so simple?

Some people can easily go forward, others will be stuck in place.

You apologized to me for yourself, her ex boyfriend revealed

So you can dump me without any guilt.

Some people say that there are two kinds of things that people leave behind after they have gone through the process of separation: the things they cherish from the beginning.

Only when I look back, I find that I have been ignoring things.

In the process of arrangement of Xiaoqin, a lot of memories that I think have disappeared emerge again.

Its not only the sundries at home that bother Xiaoqin, but also those who cant remember themselves.

Her indifference and selfishness have also brought irreparable scars to others.

This is also the challenge of separation:

Do you have the courage to face yourself?

Can you say goodbye to the past and reconcile yourself?

The director of time machine once said:

Whether its people who want to let go of the past and move forward, or people who want to indulge in memories, I hope that everyone can be relieved after watching the movie and face their own past.

03. The real separation is to reexamine oneself

There is an object throughout the filmu2014u2014


The old piano, which has lost its intonation, was left by my father.

However, it also carries the most painful memory.

When he was a child, his father left his mother and child behind and never heard of them.

Nostalgic mother, but has not willing to sell this piano.

There is a small detail in the movie:

Xiaoqin friends tease, how does your mother sing the same song all day?

This song is the Thai version of 999 roses.

It can be seen from the lyrics that the mother misses her father.

But in Xiaoqins eyes, the father will not come back. The mother has been deceiving herself.

On the one hand, it is the mother who lives by memories and love.

The confrontation between the two is the climax of the whole movie.

Xiaoqin doesnt want her mother to stay where she is. She hopes she can look forward.

The mother believed that her father would change his mind, which was a belief in her heart.

No one can persuade anyone.

In minimalism, Joshua said:

Minimalism is about what to give, not what to take away. It advocates the most valuable life and removes all obstacles.

The conflict between Xiaoqin and her mother is just a game of values.

What is the most important ranking of your life value?

In my mothers eyes, that old piano carries the memory of being loved.

In the childrens eyes, the old piano symbolizes the abandoned memory.

The separation of goods is simple, and psychological separation is the key.

Finally, Xiaoqin sold the piano on her mothers back.

But did she really succeed in breaking up?

At the end of the movie, there is a one minute shot:

She looked at the original place where the piano was placed, but still couldnt control herself, tears streaming down her face.

How can there be so many natural and unrestrained separation? Most of them go on with pain.

Some people found their own shadow in her.

Yamashita yingzi said in his farewell:

The protagonist is not an object, but himself, and the time axis is always now.

After constant choice, what remains is what you need.

In this process, it is full of rational and perceptual games and countless tangles.

The end of the separation is the release of the past and the reconciliation of the self.

Whether it is to treat old things, or to treat a past feeling.

Only between gain and loss can we know what is really important.

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