The first anniversary of the establishment of meituan distribution: 3.99 million active riders aim at new infrastructure in the future

 The first anniversary of the establishment of meituan distribution: 3.99 million active riders aim at new infrastructure in the future

According to reports, up to now, meituan distribution has established a distribution network with the widest coverage density in the country, with 3.99 million active riders on the platform, covering 2800 cities at or above the county level, covering more than 6.2 million categories of merchants such as catering, fresh food, supermarket, bookstore, flower, etc.

At the same time, meituans four major distribution products have achieved breakthroughs. In 2019, the cruise mode of point-to-point network reached 7.6 billion orders. The Galaxy mode provides more customized in store services, and the number of cooperative stores has increased 402.5% ; the integrated warehouse and distribution mode composed of front small warehouse and distribution is launched, which greatly improves the distribution efficiency; intelligent terminal mode The representative of smart dining cabinet has also been put in Beijing, Shanghai and other cities in batches.

Cui Zhongfu, vice president and Secretary General of China Federation of logistics and purchasing, said: the importance of instant distribution network as logistics infrastructure has been magnified and shown in the face of this epidemic. According to the report on immediate distribution and anti epidemic, during the epidemic period, meituan delivered 56.22 million orders to hospitals across the country and absorbed them at the same time seventy-nine point one five Ten thousand labor force became take away riders.

In terms of technology, meituan distribution will explore and try in key technology areas such as global flexible scheduling, aiot, open platform and unmanned distribution. Sun Zhizhao, CTO of meituan distribution, said that the intelligent dispatching of meituan distribution has been upgraded to all-round flexible dispatching, and for the first time in the industry, the second level intelligent dispatching of 10000 people and 10000 orders in the city has been realized.

In addition, meituan distribution will continue to carry out more in-depth cooperation with partners in all aspects of the ecological chain, such as technology, labor, materials and equipment, finance, vehicles and energy, to build a more open industrial chain ecology. According to reports, meituan distribution and tower energy signed a strategic cooperation. At present, it has laid 6000 power exchange outlets in 150 cities across the country, which can serve nearly 160000 riders every day.

Wei Wei, general manager of meituan distribution, said in an interview with Netease technology that during the epidemic, the order structure of instant distribution was changing, the customer unit price was increased, and the proportion of non meal business reached a new high. At present, takeout is no longer limited to the catering industry, and digital retail is just beginning. Wei Wei talked about the reconstruction of marketing channels for various assistant businesses at present, and hoped that the higher the proportion of non meal businesses in the future, the better. Wei Wei said that in the future, we should not only distribute the catering, but also other categories. (Ziqing)