No matter wear pants or skirts, dont wear these three kinds of shoes

 No matter wear pants or skirts, dont wear these three kinds of shoes

Thick soled shoes mainly focus on the thickness of the sole. This kind of shoes seems to be friendly to small girls, but in fact, it is easy to become a fashion killer. The sole is generally thick without radian, which is thick and clumsy, and has no aesthetic sense of design at all. In fact, short girls look more clumsy when wearing it, which is not natural or good-looking as a whole. Therefore, short girls should never choose it Choose this kind of shoes.

Recommended: high heels

If you want to show height and leg length, how can you reduce the number of high-heeled shoes? High heeled shoes can be said to be a classic piece of shoes. Every woman basically has a pair of high-heeled shoes. Simple high-heeled shoes cant go wrong in any way. They also appear to have temperament. Short girls wear them a few centimeters higher. If they are light mature women, they can try the bright style of red. It seems that they are not Often has the bearing, also appears young has the vigor.

Lightning protection item 2: canvas shoes

Canvas shoes are basically reminiscent items of our students time. Their simple appearance and comfortable experience are favored by many girls. Usually, we often choose canvas shoes when we go out. But canvas shoes are easy for light mature women to step on thunder. You may think that canvas shoes are a symbol of youth. Wearing them is relatively younger, but the simple design of canvas shoes It looks cheap. If its matched, its very casual and has no temperament.

If you want the shoes with leisure style and high comfort, you can try the most popular grandmas shoes at present. This is a kind of shoes without age, body and style. Every girl can start with a pair. The simple design of grandmas shoes looks very fresh, and the flat soled grandmas shoes are easy-going and simple. The shoes with heel will have a more design sense, appear delicate and advanced, and can be used for matching Its also very suitable with elegant skirt.

Lightning protection item 3: strapping shoes

Light mature women are also not suitable for strapping shoes, because it is very easy to see the age of the feet. If the wrinkles of the feet are exposed, they will look very old. And the strapping shoes have a feature that there is less cloth, which is basically supported by several straps. At this time, it is easy to expose the secret of age. Therefore, if you want to look young and have temperament, try not to start Tie shoes. You will step on thunder if you are not careful.

Recommended: short boots

Short boots are also very friendly to girls of different ages. They are very suitable for light and mature women. A pair of black short boots with heels can show both leg length and temperament. You can match them with shorts to show that the legs are thin and long, and also have great momentum. For girls who are not satisfied with the legs, they can choose the knee long skirts, which are supported by short boots. The knee long skirts can lengthen the visual length of the legs. Put them on, they are light Loose seconds make long legs bigger.

There are many kinds of shoes. When you buy them, dont start because they are good-looking or popular. When you plant grass shoes, you must polish your eyes to see if they are suitable for you. After all, shoes are not like clothes. If they are not suitable, just put them aside. The price of shoes is relatively high. You need them every day. Its better to buy a good pair of shoes than a dozen, Todays lightning protection reminder is here. Do you know if you have written it down?