By contrast, you can see that some clothes show low

 By contrast, you can see that some clothes show low

But not all blue is not suitable for sunscreen. This translucent knitted cardigan of little sister is very elegant and advanced. The fabric and color match seamlessly, which is many times more fashionable than the first one. Because knitted fabric is very elastic and has a sense of hierarchy, people will take it for granted that it is a translucent style, so it looks clear in texture and intangibly concave out of a good figure.

The above little sisters main choice is wrong. You can refer to this black and green suspender skirt. It looks simple and magnificent as a whole. Thin suspender and black underwear suspender cross each other, which increases the sense of hierarchy. It is also a very important caution machine. It is worth learning. Although this fabric is not straight and stylish, it is superior to the black pleated skirt in general because of its concise and concise version.

If you cant tell the difference between Beige floor pants and pure white floor pants, lets see the next analysis. First, lets talk about Beige straight pants. From the perspective of the effect of the elder sisters upper body, it gives people a sense of aging, because this kind of old fabric is really not liked, and it is particularly difficult to match clothes. If you decide to unify the style with the beige trousers, you can only choose this kind of stable color and conservative style for the top. If you decide to match it with the vivid and beautiful top, you will find that you are wearing different clothes.

Lets take a look at how amazing the pure white floor pants are. Its not only the change of color, but also the double bonus of aura and temperament. The whole person is immortal. The purple knitting suspender is matched with high waist floor pants. The combination of purple mystery and dream and white purity and elegance is too artistic. If you dont like the over exposed upper body, you can also wear a translucent hooded sunscreen.

Black silk is gradually coming into the publics vision. With the continuous change of fashion, ordinary black silk cant meet everyones pursuit of beauty. Then, in order to pursue novelty, we chose some wrong styles, such as the little sisters black silk. As a whole, it looks vulgar and backward. It adopts the style of fishing net and black silk splicing, which is easy for people to catch the key points. Its better to wear black silk or fishing net alone.

The correct version should be that of little sister, which is not only innovative but not particularly abrupt. The color selection of silk stockings is also very particular. Its not pure black or black gray, but this kind of black coffee with European and American style. In addition, its also plated with a layer of glittering silver sequins. According to the change of leg type and walking pace, the light and shade are not the same, both layered and clean.