Zoom suspended registration of individual users in China

 Zoom suspended registration of individual users in China


The prompt also wrote that there is no need to buy an account for attending the meeting alone. From now on, zoom will only support enterprise users to buy a moderator account, not individual users to buy a moderator account.

According to the Nikkei Asia review, Donghan said the restrictions on individual user accounts in China are regulatory requirements from China. On the afternoon of May 19, the surging news reporter called the sales hotline of Donghan and failed to get through.

According to the official website, zoom is owned by Chinese Americans EricS.Yuan Founded in 2011, headquartered in San Jose, California, USA, with more than 2000 employees worldwide.

Due to the impact of the epidemic, the use of online conference software zoom has increased dramatically in the world. Many companies use zoom for meetings, schools use zoom for online classes, and the share price of zoom has also risen by a large margin, up by as much as this year 142.05% With a market value of about US $46.4 billion. Last month, the company said about 300 million people use its software to attend meetings every day, compared with 10 million in December. However, zoom also continues to face pressure from privacy protection and software security.

If zoom completely turns to paying in China, there are many free software on the market to replace its video conference functions, such as Tencent conference, Feishu conference, etc.