Media survey of professionals at the grassroots level

 Media survey of professionals at the grassroots level

Zhang Bowen, special commissioner of agricultural science and technology, observing wheat growth

Stand aside if you have nothing to do with it

It is found in the investigation of the reporter that although the professional technicians at the basic level undertake a lot of professional affairs, they are easy to be ignored and marginalized.

The slogan was so loud that it said that we should pay attention to our work, but not give money or people. According to the deputy director of the agriculture and rural Bureau of a poor county, there are 141 Grass-roots Service posts for agriculture, rural areas and farmers in the county, only 105 people have been recruited, and 36 vacant ones. The leaders said that the establishment should be left to key posts for flexible use in the future. Isnt the service for agriculture, rural areas and farmers a key position?

This is not the case. In an interview with a county in a coastal province, the head of the countys water technology station said that the number of units has been constantly compressed, and now there is only commander Guanggan.

Although the professional technical cadres at the grass-roots level are not paid attention to at ordinary times, they have to be in the front of everything and take greater responsibility.

A stationmaster of an agricultural technology station in a village in the East is an expert in agricultural technology promotion and a provincial special commissioner of science and technology. However, in recent years, it has become increasingly difficult to work without rice. He said that in recent years, the benefit of rice planting is low, and farmers have a strong desire to plant new varieties, but the agricultural technology station can hardly promote the trial planting of new varieties, because the original trial field has been cancelled, and the funds have been reduced.. We went to war like soldiers, but we didnt give guns. The cadre of agricultural technology said that if he wants to promote new varieties and new technologies, he can only find the farmers to persuade him, and if he fails, he has to pay for it.

A stationmaster of the east coastal fishery administration station said that in order to increase the income of the people, they guided the fishermen to plant new varieties of Porphyra, but in order to earn a little more money, some farmers did not follow the prescribed time to plant and disturb the whole market, resulting in a decline of about 40% in output, and some fishermen in turn blamed the cadres. This stationmaster wryly says: much handle much spank buttock

The reporter also found that busy with writing materials made some professional cadres at the grass-roots level feel weak. Agricultural technicians write all kinds of materials more than half of the time every year, said a director of the service center for agriculture, rural areas and farmers

Cattle watch the door, dogs plough the field, and the responsibility of carrying the pot is great

The treatment of technical posts at the grass-roots level is low, and young talents are unwilling to come. They will go after a few years. A stationmaster of an island agricultural technology station has been working for 26 years. He is distressed that he cannot find a successor. The staff in the station is out of gear seriously. Either they are fresh potatoes and eggs or I have been working like this for 20 or 30 years.

It is found that the number of professional cadres at the grass-roots level is too small, and they are often pulled away from other jobs. The phenomenon of cattle watching the door and dogs plowing the land often occurs in professional posts.

Make complaints about the financial department in the eastern part of the province, often heard similar Tucao: the agricultural technology station has 2 people, and has to do other work. now, the water conservancy station is specialized in village construction. The original professional water technology was transferred to the financial department to become a cashier.

Some grassroots professional cadres are frequently misappropriated for other purposes, resulting in the loss of old business and unfamiliar with new business. In a city along the eastern coast, a water conservancy cadre who had been immersed in water conservancy system for 22 years was suddenly transferred to work in the Marine Fishery Bureau. The cadre said that although all of them are related to water, the work content is quite different. Shortly after taking office, he took over the work of rectifying the pollution of marine environment caused by illegal breeding. The inexperienced man had to implement the documents with documents and was finally warned and punished.

In some places, professional cadres have been set up and abolished because of affairs, and they have become back to the pot cadres. As early as around 2008, a large coal producing province in the North established the mechanism of expert coal control to prevent safety accidents. A group of coal mine technical cadres were selected as the mayor assistant and county chief assistant of the main coal producing cities and counties. These assistants will continue to bear the responsibility of security even after the post adjustment. Last year, a coal mine accident occurred in a coal producing county in the province, and six relevant persons in charge were held accountable. One of them was transferred to other departments a year ago, but still carrying safety responsibility, so he was given administrative warning.

Professional cadres are not professional and the cost of grassroots work is high

The interview with reporters half a month ago found that at present, in some professional departments, affected by various factors, there is a shortage of professional cadres. As a result, there are problems such as the command of the layman, the formalism of bureaucracy and so on. The grassroots cadres and the masses are crying.

A person in charge of an enterprise engaged in energy conservation and environmental protection industry in the North said that the county environmental protection director was transferred from the County Public Security Bureau, and there are not many inspectors who really understand environmental protection. Last year, the first group of environmental protection inspectors found that one of the production lines of the enterprise was required to be demolished immediately due to lack of environmental assessment procedures, and the enterprise immediately stopped production and filed a complaint to go through the procedures without approval; then the second group of environmental protection inspectors came, issued a fine of 400000 yuan, and sent someone to the factory to demolish it within a time limit; when the demolition was almost completed, the third group of environmental protection inspectors came and said, no need to demolish, just go through the formalities again. Yes. . The person in charge of the enterprise wants to cry without tears.

In the autumn of 2018, the Department directly under a city in South China directed the township to set up training courses, requiring every farmer to participate in one months agricultural technology training. A township agricultural cadre said: we plant tea and melon and fruit here. The training content is bamboo, mushroom and vegetable. The training content is not related to the actual situation. And training, it is busy season, who can be out of production for a month to participate in training? Isnt this training formalism?

The interviewed grassroots cadres and Party construction experts proposed that the selection and allocation of professional cadres at the grassroots level should be based on people and talents and posts. According to the responsibilities and tasks of different types of posts, professional cadres should be selected and used in layers and accurately to form a professional structure with reasonable collocation and complementary advantages.

Ni Hongtao, a professor at the Law School of Hunan Normal University, pointed out that social life is changing with each passing day, and new tests of social governance emerge one after another, all of which put forward new requirements for the professional ability to solve problems. For some departments with strong professionalism, the cadres with professional background and experience can be considered as the leaders as far as possible. If we cant make a perfect match, we should also try our best to rely on this, so as to minimize the trial and error cost.

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