21 days before marriage

 21 days before marriage

Wu Zunlin, Li Yin and Chen Yiru

Wu Zuns long-distance connection friend Chen Yiru makes fun of each other

Due to the limited number of people in the venue, unable to invite all the old friends to witness the wedding, Wu Zunlin Liyin decided to connect her friend Chen Yiru remotely. As soon as the phone was connected, Wu Chen and his wife began to tease each other. Chen Yiru teased Wu Zun, you can be a mother, but you cant be long winded. Lin Liyin laughed and agreed. The atmosphere was very happy. When asked when the wedding was to be held, Chen Yiru said that he had considered holding a wedding in a small island, and Brunei was also considering it. Wu Zun said that he was not afraid of the heat, and invited Chen Yiru to the second season of 21 days before marriage. His friendship for many years was admirable.

Wang Chenyi as a dance Special Trainer Liang Chao practices dance for he Wenna

He Wenna and her best friend ask a makeup artist to make up for the wedding. Liang Chao goes to the dance room alone to ask Wang Chenyi how to express his love with hip-hop in order to meet his wifes wish to see him dance at the wedding. Liang Chao, who was born in national dance, first showed Wang Chenyi a section of the fiery sarilang, which provoked Wang Chenyi to boast of being a model. During the dance learning process, Wang Chenyi demonstrated his professional actions in front of the mirror. Liang Chao seriously practiced all the way even if he had a wound on his foot, making rapid progress. During this period, Liang Chao had to stop to rest because of the aggravation of repeated practice foot injuries. The wounds exposed under the socks were heartbreaking. Even so, Liang Chao said, its OK, but I can still insist, enough to see the importance of his wedding.

Fu Seouls old Liu and his friends set up a wedding tent and burst into laughter because of the accidental escape of alpacas

Fu Seoul old Liu and his friends went to the farm to decorate the wedding site. They cooperated with each other to build the wedding canopy. The atmosphere was warm and happy. The quarrel between big left and Fang Jiayi made everyone laugh. When painting the wood for the tent, Mr. Liu and his friends sat on the grass and talked sincerely. He mentioned his views on marriage and lamented that it was very difficult for girls to change their roles from girls to women, which made Lao Liu feel a lot of pain. After the tent was set up, Lao Liu brought Alpaca to take a photo with Fu Seoul. Unexpectedly, the alpaca broke away from the rope and ran away. But also helpless and funny people had to go after alpacas in several ways. The scene really made people laugh.