Zhao Xins Chen Qianqian in the hearsay begins to broadcast Chen Yuanyuan in prison

 Zhao Xins Chen Qianqian in the hearsay begins to broadcast Chen Yuanyuan in prison

Chen Yuanyuan, Zhao Xins heroine, had to live in a wheelchair because her legs were disabled due to childhood poisoning. Her face is fresh and lovely, she is proficient in medicine, but she is used to being alone because of her inferiority, and her brow is often sad. Chen Yuanyuan is hard spoken and soft hearted to his younger sister, and treats Su mu, the musician of the parish, equally. Zhao Xin has a good face, a fresh and elegant temperament, and she interprets the melancholy state of sick beauty appropriately. The inferiority complex caused by disability is also properly grasped, which makes people feel pity. It also makes the audience look forward to the story development of Chen Yuanyuans line and her own happiness.

Zhao Xin, Chen Yuanyuan

Zhao Xin, a graduate of the Central Academy of drama, is a Leo Beijing girl who loves drama performance. She is straightforward and outgoing. Previously, Zhao Xins midnight performance in the military division alliance was praised by the audience as gentle, pure eyes, although not the main role, but dazzling. And it is also impressive to play Xianwan in the biography of Chu Qiao and Qiaoling in whirlwind. Dongers historical costume play the world of the Qin Empire was also expected by the audience.

Zhao Xins classical style

Zhaoxin military division Alliance

It is reported that Shen Peipeis modern workplace love drama happiness, at your fingertips! will also hit Hunan Satellite TV on October 19. What is the fate of Chen Yuanyuan in Chen Qian Qian in the rumor? In early summer, lets enjoy Zhao Xins two works together and experience the wonderful feeling of interweaving ancient clothes and modern times!

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