Domestic bivalent HPV vaccine for the first time in China

 Domestic bivalent HPV vaccine for the first time in China

Before the approval of domestic cervical cancer vaccine, there were imported bivalent, bivalent and bivalent HPV vaccines, which were suitable for women aged 9-45, 20-45 and 16-26, respectively. As early as November 2017, the Provincial Maternal and child health care hospital has successively opened the appointment vaccination of imported second, fourth and ninth price HPV vaccines. In the past three years, the popularity of HPV vaccine appointment has not been reduced, and it is very popular. The nine price vaccine is the most popular.

At present, more than 104 countries and regions in the world have incorporated HPV vaccine into national immunization programs, and the main vaccinated population is 9-14 years old.

Over the years, Chinese peoples attention to domestic vaccine R & D and marketing also includes the expectation of reducing costs. The price of domestic bivalent HPV vaccine is 329 yuan / piece, which is lower than that of the same kind of product. Moreover, only two shots are needed for 9-14-year-old vaccinators. At present, the domestic bivalent HPV vaccine of Hubei maternal and child health hospital has arrived. However, experts remind that cervical cancer vaccination is not once and for all. Cervical cancer vaccine can not produce 100% protection, can not replace conventional cervical cancer screening, can not replace other measures to prevent HPV infection and sexually transmitted diseases, therefore, conventional cervical cancer screening can not be ignored.

Article / our reporter Guo Linlin