Sun Jianbo: selling fake milk powder should be punished severely for intentional homicide!

 Sun Jianbo: selling fake milk powder should be punished severely for intentional homicide!

Hunan protein solid beverage incident has made the latest progress. The joint investigation team found that the mother and baby shop involved declared betamethasone protein solid beverage as the sale of formula food for special medical purposes, suspected of false publicity, has suspended its business, and will strictly investigate and deal with the relevant parties according to law.

Sun Jianbo

If the perpetrator knows that a certain act may hurt human life, even if it is a simple act of stealing or selling fake goods, it should be punished as intentional homicide. The reason is very simple: knowing that you can kill people, and deliberately doing it, even if the private interests are very small, is also to be punished according to intentional killing.

Recently, there has been a Theft Act, which can be sentenced to intentional homicide. In view of the incident of eating and injuring people in recent years, the Supreme Peoples court, the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate and the Ministry of Public Security jointly issued opinions recently, making systematic provisions on handling criminal cases related to cellar covers, and punishing crimes related to cellar covers according to law. Make it clear: Whoever knowingly commits theft or sabotage that will result in casualties, causing injury or death, shall be convicted and punished for the crime of intentional injury or homicide respectively in accordance with the provisions of the criminal law.

Recently, cases of nannies killing the elderly have emerged. This is not an isolated case. As soon as the incident happened, many cases of nannies killing the elderly were exposed on the Internet, in order to get a months salary, a shock fee and a aftercare service fee quickly. The economic benefits are not great, but their actions are either direct homicide or indirect homicide with vicious actions, all of which are intentional homicide.

In life, there are many small crimes that will kill people knowing. For these small crimes, if it is only a small punishment, it will not be taken seriously and will certainly encourage crime. Because, repeated small crimes may involve huge economic benefits. For example, those who sell fake milk powder bully and take advantage of their parents ignorance to make their childrens parents take it as their main food. If you believe that these drinks are milk powder, your childs life-long health becomes a problem, which is not different from killing your child. For this kind of sales behavior, it can not be regarded as a simple consumption fraud, but a very serious criminal crime. If the childs health is harmed for life, it should be punished as intentional homicide.

In terms of supervision, we should also take concrete measures. Any food aimed at infants must indicate its use to consumers. The impression is that when buying milk powder for newborn babies from Hong Kong, you can only buy two cans [1]. When we go to the drugstore to buy prescription drugs, we need ID cards. These policies are worth learning from. It is recommended that the government limit the purchase of one box of complementary food for infants, except for formula or special medical formula. If you buy more than one box, you need to provide an ID card and sign to indicate that you know that infant complementary food cannot replace milk powder. However, if more than one box is purchased without signature, the merchant may be held responsible afterwards. To carry out such a policy extensively is not improper for businesses, nor troublesome for buyers.

No matter the melamine incident years ago, or todays drink as milk powder incident, the victims are the most basic people. They came to the city merchants with a look up, but they suffered a lot. And these manufacturers or businesses, if their punishment is only refund one compensation three, only to consumer fraud conviction, is far from enough. In this way, those who know that they will have a serious impact on consumers and childrens life-long health should be dealt with in accordance with the law of stealing well covers and the intentional injury crime and intentional homicide crime according to the seriousness of the consequences.

The real name system is applied to the sales of infant complementary food, and the buyer signs clearly to know that infant complementary food cannot replace milk powder. If the businesses who do not implement the system are directly divided by heavy punishment, they can prevent the tragedy from the source.