Ying caier shoots the cover of her pregnant belly in August! 7-year-old Jasper gives a warm hug

 Ying caier shoots the cover of her pregnant belly in August! 7-year-old Jasper gives a warm hug

Jasper, wearing a sporty floral shirt, looks fresh, lively and handsome. She cuddles her pregnant belly from behind and interacts with her warm heart. She is very loving.

I have to say that Jasper looks like his father more and more,

The inborn male gene is too weak to resist~

Ying caier also released shooting gags on her ins,

Yingcaier & Jasper shooting gags (source: Netease fashion)

Yingcaier and Chen Xiaochun got married in 2010. They are 16 years apart. Although the combination of cold brother Shanji and aunt Xiaoxiao doesnt match very well at first sight, Chen Xiaochuns marriage has completely turned into a low-key pet wife maniac. Yingcaier has also been taken off the rhythm and become very naughty. They often play tricks and flash together, becoming recognized as a loving couple in the circle.

In the third year after marriage, the two ushered in a new member of their family, the son of soft Meng, Jasper,

Chen Xiaochun also took his son Xiaochun to participate in the reality show where is dad? Jaspers simple personality and soft and cute appearance were very popular with the audience, and the interaction with his father became the focus of the program at that time,

Soon after the program was broadcast, some fans kept beating the bowl, Chen Xiaochun and Ying caier gave birth to a second child for Jasper,

Chen Xiaochun exposed his daughter slave attribute in the program, so everyone wishes yingcaier a new girl~

Whether its maintenance skills or body management, they are not inferior to their own when they were first actors,

Every time Chen Xiaochun and Ying caier are spoiled, he once said in an interview: she is my girlfriend, she is very savage, she talks very loudly to me, and she will ask me directly, but I was eaten to death by her..

This model family will have new members now. No matter brother or sister, Jasper will be a good brother, and I wish this star couple happiness all the time!

Source: Netease fashion editor: Liu Xu_ NQ7809