Lu media: the biggest obstacle for Ding Yanyu to return to Shandong is not money

 Lu media: the biggest obstacle for Ding Yanyu to return to Shandong is not money

During the 2017-2018 season, Ding Yanyus annual salary was 2 million US dollars, and it was after tax income, equivalent to about 14 million yuan. This value, in the domestic players far ahead, with the top small foreign aid almost the same.

Now its different. CBA will start to limit the salary of domestic players in 2020-21 season (the signed contract will not be changed), and the salary cap of the first season has been released. The benchmark value of the initial salary cap of 2020-21 season is 36 million yuan, the upper limit is 48 million yuan, and the maximum contract salary limit of a single domestic player is 9 million yuan.

Xiaoding and Shandong still have two years of contract not fulfilled, in this big contract, there is no agreement on the salary of each season. In terms of salary, Xiaoding signed with the club once a year. This means that if Xiaoding returns to Shandong in 2020-21, his annual salary cannot exceed 9 million yuan.

After Xiaoding comes back, whether he can really integrate into the team is a big problem. As we all know, he is a typical core player who needs to have the ball in his hand. Without the right of the ball, his characteristics cannot be played. In Caesars three seasons, Xiaoding is the core of Shandongs tactical level. Even the top foreign aid like Lawson has to make way for Xiaoding in terms of ball rights.

There is no doubt that even though Hudson is 35 years old, he is in a good competitive condition and has more lethality than any active Chinese player on the front line. Even if Ding returns in 2020-21, he will have to adapt to playing without a ball in his hand. After all, his comprehensive ability is not as good as that of Lao ha. If he cant adapt to the role change, Xiaoding will not really integrate into the teams tactical system.

Its not just the court that Xiaoding needs to integrate. In the past two years, the dressing room culture in Shandong is quite different from that in the past. He should also learn to adapt.

Mentality is the core issue

As long as Ding Yanyu returns to Shandong, even if his combat effectiveness on the court is not as good as before, he is also the one brother of the team. He has a strong voice in the players. After all, the status of the Jianghu is there, which is what MVP deserves. Who makes him another flag player in Shandong after Gong Xiaobin?

The problem is that after a serious knee injury, the vast majority of athletes are unable to return to their peak level. Derek Ross, for example, was the youngest MVP in NBA history, but his knee injury reduced him from a famous star to a substitute. Considering the age and physical condition of Ding yanyuhang, it is difficult for him to return to the peak level two or three years ago after his return, and there is a great possibility that he will continue to decline.

Whether its the tactical needs of the team or Xiaodings competitive level, he cant be as arbitrary as before. We have to accept that heroes will eventually grow old, either because of age or because of injuries.

However, as long as the hero is still fighting, he deserves flowers and applause. For a player, annual salary, ball rights, status and other factors are very important, but it is difficult to have both. What Ding needs most is to return to the stadium, not live in the Internet world. Only when he returns to this stage can his value continue.

Source: Shandong business daily Author: Ma macro editor: Qiao yuanlei_ NS1098