The first night after the Qiaojia earthquake in Yunnan Province: people sleep on the side of the road with sheets and bedding

 The first night after the Qiaojia earthquake in Yunnan Province: people sleep on the side of the road with sheets and bedding

Walking around the market town, some people sleep directly on the ground with sheets and bedding wrapped, some sleep directly on slate, and some sleep in private cars On the open terrace around Xiaohe Town, such a tent has come into the view of reporters from time to time. This is the first night after the earthquake. Many people are afraid of aftershocks and dare not go back to their houses. They have to cope with their shelter and fall asleep with insects.

Jinfayuan, a member of the Pingzi village group in Trailer village, Xiaohe Town, took two grandchildren to find a space in the light court and made a bed. They spent the night next to each other. At the time of the earthquake, a shelter temporarily built in his home was damaged. Jin Fayuan realized the earthquake and remembered that when his grandson came back to teach him about the earthquake, he had to hide under the table. He hurried to the narrow corner of the door beam. The tremor was not as strong as this one. Now I dare not live at home, so I have to make do with it, said Jin Fayuan

All kinds of forces rushed to help at night. Zhaotong No.1 Peoples Hospital, Zhaotong Li Jinghua orthopedic hospital, Qiaojia special police, Ludian peoples Armed Forces Department and other departments went to the epicenter overnight. The sound of motors and roars resounded through Xiaohe Town.

At 3 a.m., Bai Longfei, chief of combat training section of Zhaotong fire rescue detachment, introduced that at present, Zhaotong fire rescue detachment has sent 2 vehicles and 15 people to the epicenter Yakou village to carry out personnel search and rescue work. In the process of road travel, there are still 3 kilometers away from the epicenter Yakou village. Because of the complex road conditions, there are rolling stones falling, rescue workers are now carrying rescue tools to the epicenter on foot.

At 3:10 a.m., Hu Zhiquan, President of Zhaotong Li Jinghua bone injury Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, organized three doctors, three nurses and one department to arrive at Xiaohe Town at the first time. Interface with relevant departments. Trauma first aid is our strength in orthopedic department. As a private hospital, we should fulfill our social responsibility and stand up in front of the disaster, said Hu Zhiquan, President of the hospital

At 4:25 a.m., on the relatively flat light field in Xiaohe Town, the light is still on. There are more than 700 teachers and workers from Xiaohe middle school. When the earthquake happened, the teachers and students of Xiaohe middle school organized the evacuation of teachers and students in order according to the steps of fire drill at ordinary times, and no one was injured. Zhang Qingbin, the principal, said: every semester, we will organize students to carry out earthquake drills and teach them earthquake knowledge. This orderly organization of students evacuation to a safe area is inseparable from the ordinary drills.

Chen Youquan, a junior high school student from hengliangzi village, trailer village, Xiaohe Town, is 15 kilometers away from the school. Chen Youquan has lived in the school for a long time. After evacuating to a safe area, he first called his parents to report their safety and ask about their safety. What moved him most about the earthquake was that the students were all very united. Several people covered each others quilts for fear that they would get cold. Chen Youquan choked: now in the middle of the night, the teachers are watching over us, helping the students to build quilts, and the teachers have family members. At this time, we are still looking after us, which makes us very moved. Every ten minutes, special police patrol the places where the students sleep, which makes them feel more secure.