Trump claims to be taking hydroxychloroquine fox. The host yells, dont eat it. Itll kill you.

 Trump claims to be taking hydroxychloroquine fox. The host yells, dont eat it. Itll kill you.

In the afternoon of May 18 local time, President trump said at a White House meeting that in order to prevent new coronavirus infection, he had taken hydroxychloroquine regularly for a week and a half. Hydroxychloroquine has not been proved to be effective against the new coronavirus, and may have side effects. Even Fox News, which has always been in good relationship with the trump government, has warned against taking hydroxychloroquine, which will kill people.

According to the associated press, trump said White House doctors did not recommend it, but did not raise objections. He took one tablet of hydroxychloroquine a day. There are many people taking hydroxychloroquine now, especially the first-line medical workers. I admit that hydroxychloroquine may have some side effects, such as back pain, but people should be allowed to take it.

Fox News Anchor Neil Cavuto was shocked by Trumps announcement of hydroxychloroquine. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a new risk factor for people who are infected with new crown pneumonia or is infected with a new crown virus and is weak. Taking hydroxychloroquine will kill you, he warned the audience. Once again, taking hydroxychloroquine can kill people.

Kafto noted that a recent study by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs found that hydroxychloroquine was associated with a higher mortality rate among veterans infected with the new coronavirus, and that those with respiratory and heart disease died after taking hydroxychloroquine..

Its possible that many people watching TV at home will try to take hydroxychloroquine when they see the president of the United States saying its OK, but its not OK, kafto stressed repeatedly. I am not here to express a political point of view, but a matter of life and death. You should be very careful.

Previously, Rick bright, former director of the US biomedical advanced research and development agency, was demoted for opposing the use of politically relevant drugs such as hydroxychloroquine to fight the new crown. The White House has always advocated the use of hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine, but bright identified that the two drugs lack scientific value in response to the new crown epidemic, the efficacy has not been confirmed, and may even be dangerous.

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