Hendry: Rockets can win three or four world championships if they have no problem

 Hendry: Rockets can win three or four world championships if they have no problem

In spite of years of championship shortage in krusburg, in Hendrys view, OSullivan can still surpass him and become the king of the world championship. If he is determined to become snookers greatest world championship, and his brain is not out of question, I think he can win three or four more World Championships, he said in a chat with McManus

For OSullivans achievements, McManus is obviously not rocket blowing. The 50-year-old said that although OSullivan equalled Hendrys 36 Championship records and became the first player to hit more than 100 goals in history, 44 year old OSullivan has not reached the ideal height in his 28 year career. How many times has he participated in the world championships? Its 27 times. Its won five championships.

Although OSullivan is the biggest threat to his record, Hendry is optimistic that OSullivan can win three or four more championships. In the eyes of the emperor, OSullivan is always a genius. Interestingly, in addition to believing that OSullivan should not blame the world championship system, McManus also said that if the world championship can be held in late July, the dream final is OSullivan and trump PK.

McManus said: OSullivan has the ability to reach the final, the question is, I dont know if he is willing to go all out for it. If OSullivan can fight against trump in the final battle, its really great. Its interesting to see OSullivan become a loser, because trump is the best now. Lets face the reality.

It is not hard to see that Hendry is supporting OSullivan, and McManus is looking down on OSullivan, believing that this is the era of trump rule. I dont know if xiaote can defend the territory if the world championships in 2020 can start as scheduled, and if OSullivan has the chance to become the six crown champion, which proves that Hendry is right to value himself, which we should wait and see.