When you are middle-aged, you only have money in your eyes!

 When you are middle-aged, you only have money in your eyes!

When we were young, we talked about love, ideals and life, but seldom about money. We thought that talking about money was too vulgar.

But when youth is over and middle-aged, facing the pressure and difficulty of life, we have to admit that we are all laymen.

Money is often seen as a kind of vulgar thing. How many middle-aged people have been sharpened by reality, with only money in their eyes.

Guo Haiping said the following sentence in the Snail House:

Every day when you open your eyes, a string of figures pop out of your mind. The house loan is 6000 yuan, the food and clothing are 25000 yuan, Ran Ran goes to kindergarten 15000 yuan, the human relationship is 600 yuan, and the transportation fee is 580 yuan......

The world of middle-aged people is full of money.

For many low-income friends, its not because they love money, but because they cant move without money.

A few days ago, I saw a piece of news that a couple opened a restaurant. The business was OK. After more than a years operation, they finally got a loan to buy a house.

As a result, after staying at home for nearly two months, they had no income at all, and the balance on their cards was very small. In the days when they couldnt make ends meet, both of them were on pins and needles, and their emotions were becoming more and more anxious and irritable. In such a depressed atmosphere, conflicts were growing day by day.

Sometimes, because a word, a piece of tofu, an action, can be noisy. The original harmonious relationship has turned into a mutual dislike.

In the face of sudden natural and man-made disasters, no savings, no work, life suddenly encountered Waterloo, every day, are filled with resentment and anxiety.

Money and happiness, though not directly equal. But the life of middle-aged people, without money, relationships and even the whole family, will face collapse.

It is often said that the problems that money can solve are not big problems. However, in many cases, the biggest problem is that there is no money.

I once asked my friends: when did you start to feel middle-aged crisis?

In the final analysis, there are two words: no money.

Because there is no money, so only day and night turbulence;

Lack of money often destroys not only the dignity of an adult, but also the disintegration of a family.

The moon and Sixpence has a saying: I try my best to live an ordinary life. It can be said to be the true portrayal of many middle-aged people.

There are white hair halls on the top and young children on the bottom. The former is high-end housing loans, and the latter is life chasers. In such a predicament, only with all efforts can we have the capital to fight.

Middle age, hard to earn money, not to say how much love money, but need money.

There is no fairy tale in life, only reality.

We work hard to earn money, not for luxury or show off, just to give ourselves and our family more security, to be able to live steadily and calmly, even if we encounter difficulties one day, we will not be afraid and anxious but helpless.

May each of us continue to work hard, never be humble or tired by money, have enough capital, love what we love, and live a better life.

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