The Ministry of transport talks about automatic driving: embracing failure and opposing monopoly

 The Ministry of transport talks about automatic driving: embracing failure and opposing monopoly

Beijing News Express (reporter Pei Jianfei) today (May 19), the Information Office of the State Council held a press conference. Liu Xiaoming, Vice Minister of the Ministry of transport, said at the meeting that the Ministry of transport, as one of the important areas of scientific and technological innovation to support and accelerate the construction of a transportation power, adheres to the principle of encouraging exploration, containing failures, ensuring safety and opposing monopoly, actively promotes the work of technical research and development, pilot and application, and has made positive progress.

The Ministry of transport, in cooperation with relevant departments, has promoted the introduction of a series of policies to guide relevant local governments to carry out the on-road test of intelligent Internet connected vehicles in an orderly manner. The innovation and development strategy of intelligent vehicles was introduced, five R & D centers for automatic driving were identified, and scientific research resources were coordinated to carry out scientific research on Key Technologies of automatic driving and vehicle road coordination.

At the same time, we pushed forward the formulation of standards and specifications, completed more than ten basic technical standards, and supported industrial development. The safety technical guidelines for operating passenger cars and freight cars have been formulated, the application of auxiliary driving technology in key operating vehicles has been promoted in an orderly manner, and the road infrastructure supporting automatic driving has been studied and arranged prospectively.

In addition, we promoted test verification, identified 6 closed site test bases in the national layout, promoted data sharing, researched and developed relevant technical guidelines; promoted the application of 5g communication and Beidou navigation technology, and combined with the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, we promoted a number of pilot projects of automatic driving and vehicle road coordination in Beijing Li Expressway and xiongan new area.

Next, the Ministry of transport will steadily promote the application of automatic driving and build the application scenario of new infrastructure construction around the goal of speeding up the construction of a powerful transportation country in accordance with the ideas of leading the development direction, defining the bottom line of development, guiding the application scenario and creating the development ecology.

Pei Jianfei, reporter of Beijing News

Editor Bai Shuang

Source: responsible editor of Beijing News: Wang Fengzhi_ NT2541