What become fashionable for a time? Why are few people nowadays using sunscreens?

 What become fashionable for a time? Why are few people nowadays using sunscreens?

Many people will make up after these, so make-up has become a big trouble, how to make-up? No sunscreen effect is not good, smear and damage the makeup and sunscreen effect is not good, at this time, the Sunscreen Spray on the homeopathic situation, do not need to remove makeup, but also can fix makeup and make up the concept of sunscreen.


Because it is a direct face spray, so because many components of Sunscreen Spray are particularly small particles or even nano level, it is easy to cause inhalation, the risk of PM2.5 will be more dangerous, the damage to the lungs is very serious, and it can not be completely inhaled.

This is actually the most dangerous aspect of sunscreen spray.

It is also one of the reasons that less and less people use sunscreen spray. Unsafe, plus titanium dioxide is included in the possible risk factor for AI, it is impossible to use the sunscreen spray containing titanium dioxide, which will further strengthen this probability.


Sunscreen Spray is not good for sunscreen.

This is actually one of the reasons for the decline of sunscreen spray.

The film-forming effect is also worrying

So sunscreen is still the mainstream, sunscreen spray will not replace it.

So how do we choose to apply sunscreen after Sunscreen Spray PASS is dropped?

Just three

No makeup

There is no special requirement to apply sunscreen at will after no makeup, but if there is any condition, wash your face with warm water and then apply it again. If there is no condition, you should also absorb the grease on your face with a paper towel and then apply it again, so the effect will be better.

Second: hard sun protection

Theres nothing to say about this. You cant make up for it. Its best to use hard sunscreen. The sunscreen effect of hard sunscreen will be better. Umbrella, sunglasses and masks are all hard sunscreen. Thats not to say. Its generally recognized as the best choice.

Third: sunscreen

Yes, after sunscreen, xiaoka speculates that sunscreen will skyrocket in recent years, because if you want to apply sunscreen safely after makeup, sunscreen is indeed a good choice, but there are many physical sunscreens such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide in sunscreen. Basically, there is no chemical sunscreen, so you should also be gentle when applying, and do not let these small particles absorb enter

And sunscreen powder can actually replace powder powder (in fact, powder powder with sunscreen value). I hope that some powder powder can take this as a business opportunity to develop the market.

Last but not least... Crystal Sunscreen Spray is really hard to use!!!

All right

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Why cant Sunscreen Spray replace sunscreen? The reason is too real. What you need to know is 2 points.