Ni Hongjie, 42, is fuller than the stewardess. This dress is rare in the airport

 Ni Hongjie, 42, is fuller than the stewardess. This dress is rare in the airport

No matter how fast the fashion circle develops, it is also a reincarnation. Nowadays, the most popular element is the bulingbuling element. But the classic stripe also has its own place. It seems simple but it can also play a very good role in decoration. Ni Hongjies airport look is just like this. The rare sports one-piece skirt has white stripes on both sides of the skirt. With the figure curve from top to bottom, it looks very amazing visually. It not only highlights the graceful S-shaped curve, but also shows the palms and waist. Its true that P has no such effect.

The girl with exquisite figure is really suitable for wearing this kind of tight one-piece skirt. Its just like tailor-made for you. The biggest advantage of tight skirt is that it fits the body perfectly and doesnt leave too much space. It may not be so friendly to the girl with a little bit of flesh, but its perfect for those full-bodied women. The perfect line outline can release the girl to the fullest Human charm. Ni Hongjies dress is not noble and elegant, but it embodies the charm of the dress incisively and vividly. The standard S-shaped figure curve looks like a small funnel, concave and convex. Although its not as plump as the European and American women, its really too high-profile to wear the airport like this, which is rare.

Its said that clothing is the most important part of a body shape, which is true. But in terms of details, make-up and accessories are also indispensable, which can play a finishing role. It can be seen that Ni Hongjies body is mainly sexy. Compared with the ordinary black, long, straight and curly hair, she chose to dress up as a ball head, which makes the whole more attractive. In addition, this one shoulder bag is also very learned. It intentionally presents a slanting cross shape, making the body more plump. Its hard to cover the curve of S-shape when looking sideways. To be honest, its really dressed up Its fuller and more attractive than the stewardess.

Although the dress is amazing, but when it comes to fashion shaping, its really not a match for the skirt. For women with strong matching ability, its better to try a more diversified skirt than to choose a dress with a single style. In all aspects, its no less than a dress. If you are a more mature woman, you can try a suit with a fishtail skirt, the ability of a suit and fish The beauty of taildress can bring you different experience. Ni Hongjies body shape is just like this. The pure white fashion element is fresh and atmospheric. Of course, in order to avoid the white too simple, the black belt not only draws out the ant waist, but also looks more visual.

Everyones style is different. You can choose a mature skirt. If you are a young and personalized girl, you can choose a more bold and novel trend item, such as a split jeans skirt. You can consider which item to match, depending on your figure. The slim one can boldly control the navel dress, just like Ni Hongjie, pure white It looks sexy, fashionable and full of girlhood, as if its 20 years younger.