Kardashians back for the money! Launch a $50 seamless mask

 Kardashians back for the money! Launch a $50 seamless mask

There is a strong Kardashian style in mask color matching

It is reported that Kim Kardashian last year launched the skims brand, which focuses on body-building clothes. She said that she spent several years to develop and design the color and version of body-building clothes. In an interview with the magazine in February, she said that the design of the skims series was inspired by her two daughters.

Kim Kardashian said, if I cant find a body shaping bra that suits my skin color, what will my daughter do when she grows up?

So I want to be a brand of body shaping clothes that can be worn by people of all colors and body shapes. Ive always been wearing this kind of body shaping clothes myself, so I thought: can I make it more fashionable, comfortable and durable? So I developed the skims series. Thats what I wanted to do.

It is reported that in March this year, Kim Kardashian also donated 10000 masks to charity, which was praised by many foreign netizens.