Easy moment voice version: here comes 520, but its none of my business!

 Easy moment voice version: here comes 520, but its none of my business!

The gift is wrong, the object tears, you have to kneel, love has no chance!

Wechat netizen Moxi Zili:

Wechat user he chengwanyin:

The first love is a scum. Im in two boats. I found that he was chatting with other girls shortly after I started dating. They also called him husband. Whats more, his sister actually helped him to tell a lie that she was her colleague and had nothing to do with her simple and kind brother. Did they think that I was mentally retarded? I broke up with him because of my anger. After so many years, I think its pretty strange Funny.

Wechat netizen granular:

Life is like drama and drama is like life. My first love and I were together in high school (early love). University is a long-distance love. After four years of University, we agreed to meet our parents after graduation. Then we went into the palace of marriage and went back to work in our hometown after graduation. My hometown is more than 200 kilometers away from his hometown. No one is willing to leave his hometown and move on the other half. As a result, eight years of long-distance love run The break-up ended. The main point of the story came. Two years later, I had a new boyfriend and was ready to be engaged. One time, my boyfriend and his parents went to my first love hometown to play, and his parents relatives called me to eat at home. As a result, this relative was my first love home. The meal I had that day was made by my first love. I had a meal. Later, I confessed to my boyfriend. He didnt believe me at the beginning. After he was sure it was true, he said that it was all in the past. Besides, our generation had nothing to do with their family, just a little contact with their elders. Comparable to TV series!

Wechat user palm news:

At that time, my girlfriend was my first love girlfriend. We were classmates in junior high school and long distance in college. After graduation, she wanted to go back to her hometown to work. She found a job in her hometown. I stayed in the main city two hours by car. Therefore, every time on the way back to my hometown, a relaxed moment becomes the best company, only the duration of the program is too short.

Later, I resigned and went back to my hometown. We overcame thousands of difficulties to get married, first love became a wife, and only we know the bitterness of this process.

Not long after marriage, we began to prepare for pregnancy and have babies. Maybe God wanted to play a trick on us, but we failed to prepare for pregnancy for 3 years. During all kinds of hospital inspection, all kinds of medicine, naturally indispensable. At the beginning, we will face it positively, and then our mentality will collapse several times. Fail once a month, my wife will cry a lot. I am optimistic and lose confidence gradually.

May 6 is the 9th anniversary of our love and the 4th anniversary of our marriage. It may be naive to pity us. On this day, my wife is pregnant. Yes, Im going to be a father. The joy of seeing the sun through the clouds is beyond words. I want to order a May Day let me take care of you to my wife. I want to tell her that I have worked hard. I will take care of you and your baby in the future. Love you makes me stronger. The wind and rain knife and gun can block you and put you on my shoulder in the future.

Old rules, I wish everyone can have thick hair, good sleep, emotional stability, wealth and freedom, see you next time!

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