The return of ground effect aircraft? US media say Russia is building a new Caspian monster

 The return of ground effect aircraft? US media say Russia is building a new Caspian monster

According to a tweet from the Russian Embassy in South Africa, the a-050 seagull-2 ground effect vehicle is scheduled to be put into use in 2020, the report said. Like the Caspian monster developed by the Soviet Union during the cold war, this aircraft is a unique flying vehicle combining the characteristics of the crew and the aircraft.

Ground effect aircraft developed by the Soviet Union during the Cold War

The Caspian monster ground effect aircraft is 106 meters long, with a wingspan of 40 meters and a takeoff weight of nearly 500 tons. It is equipped with 8 vd-7 turbojet engines as power. The aircraft is equipped with six ss-n-22 sandflies supersonic anti-ship missiles on its back, which are quite powerful in firepower.

It is reported that the latest a-050 seagull-2 ground effect aircraft uses modern materials, weighing about 50 tons, and can carry hundreds of soldiers or 9 tons of cargo. With the help of the new aeroengine, the Seagull ground effect vehicle can not only speed up to 450 kilometers per hour on the water surface, but also on the ice or flat grassland, with a range of more than 5000 kilometers. Previously, Russian media also said that the Brahmos cruise missile could be installed on the new ground effect vehicle.

According to the Russian satellite news agency, Russian Minister of industry and trade Denis manturov previously said that Russia is developing a new ground effect vehicle that can carry missiles. He pointed out that the ground effect aircraft will be used to protect the northern sea and patrol the Black Sea and Caspian sea areas.

Ground effect vehicle is a new type of high-speed vehicle between aircraft, ship and hovercraft. Different from the ordinary aircraft, the ground effect vehicle mainly flies in the ground effect area, that is, close to the ground and water surface, while the aircraft mainly flies outside the ground effect area; different from the hovercraft, the hovercraft generates the air cushion by its own power, while the ground effect vehicle generates the gas cushion by the ground effect.

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