8636 people in the U.S. military have been confirmed to have been infected by the Pentagon

 8636 people in the U.S. military have been confirmed to have been infected by the Pentagon

Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases have been confirmed in more than 8000 cases in the past month, but no deaths have been reported in the past month or so. But a contract worker for a defense contractor died over the weekend.

This novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia is the eighth death case of a new crown pneumonia in US military contractors, which has led to the death of the new crown pneumonia in the US Department of defense to 28, according to the latest data from The Pentagon. During the outbreak, U.S. defense contractors suffered the most, with 530 confirmed cases and a mortality rate of 1.5% The hospitalization rate was 9%.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in 8636 of the US Army system by May 19th, and 341 people were hospitalized, with a mortality rate of 0.3%, the report said. Although confirmed cases continue to climb, there have been signs of a slowdown in the past two weeks, and the US military has begun testing soldiers for asymptomatic infections.

The report said that a total of 5727 US military active personnel were diagnosed, accounting for two-thirds of the total number of US military system infections. The novel coronavirus pneumonia test results of 89 sailors were positive on the US Navys Roosevelt aircraft carrier, which made the US Navys total number of 2294 people diagnosed. The U.S. Army added 45 confirmed cases at the end of last week, with a total of 1217 confirmed cases as of Monday. The number of confirmed cases in the US Marine Corps was 491, followed by 449 in the air force and 1158 in the National Guard.

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