After two infections by 14 crew members, Roosevelt is still ready to go to sea

 After two infections by 14 crew members, Roosevelt is still ready to go to sea

According to the website of the United States Naval Research Institute (usni) reported on May 18, the U.S. Navy Roosevelt aircraft carrier carried out training in the port of the Guam naval base to prepare for the upcoming voyage. At present, there are 14 crew members on the carrier who have finished isolation and boarded the ship, and the new coronavirus test is positive again.

Roosevelt, docked at Guam naval base

According to the report, U.S. Navy officials said on May 18 that the crew of the USS Roosevelt are carrying out a small dock exercise, which is usually held before the ship goes to sea. This kind of fast cruise exercise is to let the crew test the carriers systems as if they were sailing at sea, which is part of a series of exercises in which Roosevelt is qualified for the redeployment mission.

After the successful fast cruise exercise, the carrier will start sea training and carrier aircraft training to ensure that the carrier aircraft forces return to combat readiness, Roosevelt said in a statement. The carrier will leave those who are not qualified to board on shore.

This approach will enhance the carriers maritime deployment training capabilities while waiting for the crew members isolated in Guam to return to health. During the voyage, the carrier will strictly implement the killing regulations and require the crew to keep social distance, which are important measures for the carrier to be deployed again.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been docked at Guam naval base since March 27th. The outbreak of the new crown pneumonia outbreak on the aircraft carrier resulted in more than 1000 sailors infection, and more than 4800 crew members were ashore off. Up to now, more than 2900 crew members have returned to the carrier. Roosevelt has been the first to be able to get the carrier.

But a U.S. Navy official confirmed that as of May 18, it had been found that 14 of the crew returning to Roosevelt had been tested positive for the new coronavirus after the virus was negative. The crew have returned to the Guam naval base on shore, and an unknown number of close contacts have been isolated for observation.

The report said that although the date of the carriers return to deployment is uncertain, there are concerns that going to sea prematurely may lead to a repeat of the outbreak, when the carrier will be forced to dock for more than a month. Due to the limited space on the warship and the close distance between the personnel, the epidemic prevention measures that can be taken are also quite limited.

Richard Brown, commander of the surface combat forces of the U.S. Pacific Command, told usni that just as when the virus was found on the Kidd, the commander would decide that the general ship would immediately enter the port, treat the infected ships crew and clean up the ship. If you leave the virus on a warship, I can say that at some point in time, the entire crew of the warship will be infected in a few weeks, he said

At present, the U.S. Navys Reagan and Nimitz carrier battle groups are preparing to deploy on the basis of lessons learned from the Roosevelt experience. The crew of these two carrier strike groups only went to sea for training after nearly a month of isolation observation.

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