Is it retaliation to suggest dismissing the inspector general of the State Department? Pompeios first response

 Is it retaliation to suggest dismissing the inspector general of the State Department? Pompeios first response

Elliot Engel, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said in a statement that the inspector generals office has launched an investigation into Secretary of state pompeio, suggesting that the dismissal of lenik is related to the investigation.

An aide to a Democratic congressman, who declined to be named, told the associated press that there had been reports of abuse of power by Mr. pompeio, asking staff to do private things for him and his wife, which Mr. lenik was investigating.

NBC also reported that prior to his dismissal, the internal oversight body led by lenik had almost completed an investigation into the approval of the billions of dollars of arms sales to Saudi Arabia by pompeio.

According to two people familiar with the matter, congressional investigators believe that this promoted Trumps decision to fire lenik at the suggestion of pompeio. A White House official said pompeio proposed the dismissal of Nick, and trump agreed.

In an interview with the Washington Post on May 18 local time, ponpeio said that his proposal to dismiss lenik was due to the fact that his independent oversight body was destroying the Department and performing poorly.

I went to the president and made it clear to him that inspector general lenik did not perform his duties in the way we tried to get him to do, which is a supplement to the State Department and is consistent with what the regulations require him to do, pompeio said. What he should have done was to make us better, to make us better.

He didnt elaborate on why leniks performance made him particularly unhappy. This is the first public response from the Secretary of state to the firing of lenik. He also said he did not know that the inspector general was investigating him.

According to the Washington Post, pompeio said he knew only one of the cases involved national security matters..

This decision, or my suggestion to the president, cannot be based on an effort to retaliate against any past or ongoing investigation, pompeio said. Because I dont know. I didnt get any briefing. I usually look at these investigations in the form of a final draft 24 or 48 hours before the inspector general is ready to release them.

Therefore, it cant be retaliation at all, he added. The story is over.

With regard to leniks removal, Senate Republican chuck Grassley criticized the need for Congress to explain the written reasons for the removal.

Engel, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the house of Representatives and Menendez, a senior Democrat of the committee, asked the trump administration to hand in records and other details related to the dismissal 22 days ago.

US State Department inspector general fired trump said he lost his trust

On May 15 local time, the trump administration announced the dismissal of State Department inspector general Steve lenik. According to US media reports, the White House did not give specific reasons for the dismissal, but trump said in a letter to Congress that the official, who has been in office since 2013, lost his trust.. According to U.S. media reports, leniks office has investigated pompeio, including the use of public power to solve personal problems and the retaliation of politically appointed officials against professional officials.