Global novel coronavirus pneumonia has confirmed more than 4 million 780 thousand cases, nearly 320 thousand deaths.

 Global novel coronavirus pneumonia has confirmed more than 4 million 780 thousand cases, nearly 320 thousand deaths.

Global novel coronavirus pneumonia continues to spread and impact on the global economy, and countries are gradually pushing ahead. The confirmed cases in Texas are increasing at a single day. The government is still pushing ahead. The Prime Minister of Italy has signed a reopening of the economic Epidemic Prevention Act; the Spanish government will further relax the epidemic prevention measures; France has lifted the ban to make 25 aggregated epidemics since a week; Turkey or 5 Restart domestic tourism at the end of the month.

1504386 confirmed cases in Texas in the U.S. are still being restarted

According to the epidemic data released by Johns Hopkins University in the United States, as of 6:00 on May 19, Beijing time, there were 1504386 confirmed cases and 90194 deaths in the United States. Compared with the previous days 6:30 data, 19582 new confirmed cases and 795 new deaths were found in the United States.

16, novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed more than 1800 cases in the state, which has reached the largest increase since the outbreak. According to CBS, there are more than 47000 confirmed cases in the state, with a total of 1305 deaths. On the 16th, 33 new deaths were reported in the state. While the epidemic continues to spread, Texas is still pushing forward the plan of reopening. The states gyms will be reopened with 25% of their capacity from the 18th, the report said. There must be a space between the equipment in each gym, and cleaning supplies must be provided to the people who exercise. In addition, non essential factories and offices will be reopened with 25% of production capacity.

Italy has confirmed 225886 cases in total, and the prime minister has signed the order to restart economic epidemic prevention

Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed 451 new cases in Italy at 18 hours local time May 18th. 225886 cases were confirmed, 99 new deaths and 32007 deaths.

Italian Prime Minister Jean Claude Conte signed the latest anti epidemic law on the second stage of economic and social activities, which is valid from May 18 to June 2. Roberto Speranza, Italys health minister, has ordered its implementation. Italy will restart retail, hairdressing and other business and social activities from Tuesday, but the time for students to return to school is to be determined. Italian education minister Giorgio azolina said recently that keeping schools closed was due to health concerns, we should be careful..

231606 cases have been confirmed in Spain

Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were confirmed in Spain, which was 231606 cases, compared with the previous day, according to the latest report from Spains national newspaper. The total number of new cases of 59 cases of death increased to 27709 in 285 cases.

Fernando Simon, director of the Coordination Center for emergency response and early warning of the Ministry of health of Spain, confirmed at a press conference on the 17th that the western government will further relax the epidemic prevention restrictions on towns with a population of less than 10000 and allow people to go out freely. On the other hand, Western health minister Elia said at a press conference that Spain will introduce relevant laws and regulations to strengthen the compulsory use of masks in public. He also revealed that the western government will add another eight airports to reopen to international flights, which will increase the number of airports reopened to international flights in Spain to 13.

Iran has confirmed 122492 cases of serious pressure in oil sector

Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were confirmed in Iran, according to reports from the Ministry of health in Iran, according to the media in May 18th. 122492 cases were diagnosed in 2294 cases, 69 cases were newly diagnosed, and 7057 cases were cumulative deaths.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia has caused a sharp decline in energy demand at home and abroad, leading to the current oil and gas reserves in Iran, Irans oil ministry minister Zanganeh said recently. Profits of refineries and petrochemical companies have declined significantly, some projects in the oil industry, especially in the pars region, have been suspended, sales of oil products have declined and many asphalt production sectors have been forced to close down, zangane said.

176551 cases confirmed in Germany are expected to lift the international travel ban in June

According to real-time data from Johns Hopkins University, as of 6:00 on May 19, Beijing time, 176551 cases had been confirmed in Germany, 182 more than yesterday. There were 41 new deaths and 8003 deaths in total.

In France, 142903 cases have been confirmed to have 25 cases of aggregation epidemic in one week since the lifting of the ban

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was confirmed in France in May 18th, 492 cases were confirmed, and 142903 cases were confirmed, 131 new cases were dead and 28239 cases died.

According to French media reported on the 17th, French health minister Welland said that since the lifting of the ban on foot on May 11, a week ago, there have been 25 mass outbreaks across France. Welland also said the government would assess the situation after lifting the ban within two weeks. The latest novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak occurred in a slaughterhouse in the central French region of the province of La worth. 34 people have been confirmed to have the new crown pneumonia virus. About 400 employees of the company will be tested, according to a report from the Central Regional Health Bureau on the 17th.

A total of 246406 new crown vaccines confirmed in the UK are expected to be put into production this year

Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed on 2684 new cases in Britain, 246406 cases were confirmed in total, 160 new cases died and 34796 died in total, according to data updated by the Ministry of health on 18 th.

At the daily outbreak Conference on the 17th, Sherma, the UKs minister of Commerce, energy and industry strategy, said that the UK is carrying out research on two new vaccines and is expected to put them into production within this year. Sharma said that Oxford University vaccine research center has successfully completed the first clinical test of the new crown vaccine at the beginning of last week, and the vaccine research and development of Imperial College of technology has made good progress. The first clinical test will be carried out in mid June, and large-scale clinical test will be carried out in October.

150593 confirmed cases in Turkey or restart domestic tourism at the end of May

According to the new crown epidemic data released by the Ministry of health on the evening of May 18, 1158 new confirmed cases and 150593 cumulative confirmed cases and 31 new deaths and 4171 cumulative deaths were found in Turkey.

According to the Anadolu news agency on May 17, Turkish Minister of culture and tourism elsoi said that he planned to restart the domestic tourism industry on May 28 and the international tourism industry after the middle of June. Elsoi stressed that the plan will be based on the fact that the epidemic in Turkey will not worsen and that people will abide by the epidemic prevention regulations. He also said Turkey had a detailed plan to reopen the hotel.

In Japan, 16367 cases of Mt. Fuji have been confirmed to be closed for the first time in 60 years

Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed 18 cases in Japan on 31, and 16367 cases were accumulated on NHK, according to the Japan Broadcasting Association (NHK). In addition, novel coronavirus pneumonia was confirmed by 712 passengers and crew members, and 17079 cases of new crown pneumonia were diagnosed in Japan. Among the confirmed cases were 781 deaths, including 768 infected in the country and 13 passengers on the diamond princess.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been forced to temporarily open to the outside world, according to Kyodo news. Shizuoka county decided on July 18 that during the opening of Mount Fuji from July 10 to September 10, it would close the three mountain paths from Mount Fuji 5 to the top of the mountain managed by the county. To prevent and control the epidemic, all mountain cabins on the route were closed. And the mountain pear County announced on the 15th that the Mountaineering Road on one side of the county, Jitian route will also be closed at the same time. It is expected that Mount Fuji will be completely closed this summer. Relevant officials of Shizuoka and Shanli counties explained that since 1960, at least three mountaineering routes have been managed in Shizuoka county. This is the first time that four mountaineering routes have been closed during the opening of the mountain from July to September.

More than 7.1 million virus tests have been carried out in 290678 cases confirmed in Russia

Novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention official website of Russia, 18, latest data, Russia has added 8926 new cases of confirmed pneumonia in the past 24 hours, accumulative total of 290678 cases, 91 new cases of death, 2722 cases of cumulative deaths. According to statistics from Johns Hopkins University in the United States, the number of confirmed cases in Russia is the second in the world, second only to the United States.

According to the Information Office of the consumer protection and public welfare Supervision Bureau of the Russian Federation, Russia has carried out more than 7.1 million new coronavirus tests, and a total of suspected cases under medical observation twenty-six point four Million cases. Russia has carried out 230000 new coronavirus tests in the past day and night, the agency said.

A total of 245595 cases of preventive self isolation diagnosed by Vice Presidents in Brazil

According to foreign media reports, after learning that an official close to him had confirmed the new coronavirus, Brazilian vice president Hamilton Moran began a preventive isolation with his wife at the official residence on the 16th local time. The vice presidents office issued a notice saying that after being informed of the possibility of infection, morang chose to conduct social isolation and was scheduled to receive a virus test on the 16th local time. He and his wife will be isolated at the official residence until at least 18th local time to wait for the test results.

In addition to Italy, Spain, France, Germany and the United Kingdom, 55559 cases were confirmed in Belgium, 30679 in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, 44341 in the Netherlands, 29209 in Portugal, 30377 in Sweden, 8257 in Norway

In Asian countries, except Japan and South Korea, 16643 cases were confirmed in Israel, 6941 in Malaysia, 42125 in Pakistan, 3031 in Thailand, 57345 in Saudi Arabia, 100340 in India, 28343 in Singapore, 15691 in Kuwait, 324 in Vietnam

In Oceania, 7060 cases were confirmed in Australia, 1499 in New Zealand

Among the American countries, except the United States and Brazil, there are 94933 cases in Peru, 541 cases in Venezuela

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