18 FTZs have become pioneers in stabilizing foreign trade and helping export orders recover continuously

 18 FTZs have become pioneers in stabilizing foreign trade and helping export orders recover continuously

As of March 16, the return rate of 197 foreign trade enterprises in Luzhou has reached 100%. Among them, the order quantity of foreign trade enterprises in March is basically the same as that in the same period of 2019. Although the time limit for performance of export orders is affected by the epidemic situation, under the stimulation of various support policies, the enterprises will actively seize production after returning to work. At present, the performance rate of executed orders is about 80%. Liu Zhiyu gave an example.

Part of the bonded warehouses of Baishi supply chain are located in China (Zhejiang) pilot Free Trade Zone, China (Tianjin) pilot free trade zone and China (Fujian) pilot Free Trade Zone Fuzhou area. Wu Linhao, head of cross border business of Baishi supply chain, told Securities Daily that since this year, bonded warehouses in Ningbo, Tianjin and Fuzhou of Baishi supply chain have enjoyed different degrees of policy support from the free trade zone. On the one hand, the free trade zone will cash (issue) in advance the trade subsidies of the previous year (2019) for the settled enterprises; on the other hand, special subsidies will be given to the settled enterprises during the epidemic period, such as transportation fees, accommodation fees, etc.

In the bonded warehouse, the order volume of bonded import increased by about 30% compared with the same period in 2019; after the charter business was launched, the export order realized a rapid growth, and the specific data is still in the statistics.

Chinas advantage in using foreign capital is obvious. Zhong Shan stressed at the meeting that China has rich and high-quality labor resources, complete industrial supporting capacity and a market of 1.4 billion people. Smart entrepreneurs dont give up on the huge Chinese market.

In an interview with Securities Daily, Zheng Lei, chief economist and Ph.D. of Baoxin finance, said that the advantages of the free trade zone are that it can take the lead in opening to the outside world, it has the advantages of system development compared with other regions, and different regions can have different key breakthrough directions, which are 18 The free trade zone has been clear since its establishment. In the context of greater opening up, FTZs will become a depression to attract foreign investment, which will play an obvious role in attracting and retaining foreign investment.

The free trade zone should take advantage of its advantages, dare to try under controllable risks, and copy the successful experience to the outside of the free trade zone as soon as possible. Zheng Lei predicted that in the future, the country will adopt successful pilot experience and achievements in the free trade zone, and proposed to promote the construction of the free trade zone from the highest level.